Sunday, 8 September 2013

One's issues are a constant travelling companion, until they are dealt with!

I abhor war, not because I love peace, which is true; I do.

I abhor war because it causes hurt, harm and pain. All of these I understand in a visceral manner, a sensation, and in experience. I would not want to inflict such sensations and experiences on any other, any more than I’d wish to experience them myself.

My response to war is REAL - based on the lived experience - rather than a merely intellectual or moral objection.

It's rather sobering to think that there are so many 'good people' in the Governing Structures of Power who, for whatever reason, set this aside and implement Policy. It is also very, very sad. Tragic.

Because, war is always avoidable. After all Human Behaviour is learned, it is not set in stone.


No war has ever happened on it's own. All occur in a context. The straight media twaddle and mythological school history - the extent of most peoples understanding of history, as an intentional and successful outcome of state education - ignores both the truth and the context and reject any observation of the pattern. Once the context is accepted, understood, then the justifications become obvious lies.


The amount spent on State Education is huge, and it's a very large part of the standard state economy. The state has a huge interest in maintaining that economy, as a form of leverage, because if one's job (and mortgage or debt burden) is dependent on that income from that state education job, one is unlikely to challenge instruction sets handed down from Government. That's what keeps much of the system in place. More than my job's worth.

State Education is designed intentionally to undermine our innate independent critical thinking and questioning, - quite often, when an infant says why? they have already worked it out, and are merely checking in to see of the adult has also worked it out or genuinely seeking accurate information: this is natural behaviour - and this it does for the vast majority of people.

In other words, war would not be feasible (neither would Bank Bail outs, etc) without State Education as it is : a well informed, well educate, critical thinking population would NEVER vote for the kinds of people currently in Power, would NEVER accept the actions those in Power are taking, day in, day out, and would easily curtail their behaviour: General Strike. Tools Down. Game Over. Start again.

The people who have been so conditioned are not to be blamed for their being misinformed, lied to, or for being bored shitless by school, or worse demonised (ADHD, special needs, disruptive), and for giving up on sharing their exploration, insights and thinking.

They are to be helped. To be 'educated' again to think again for themselves, to lose their fear, to trust their insights, the loss of which was inculcated in so many little 'gradings' - fail, bad, poor, good, excellent, outstanding -throughout 12 years or so of schooling. Repetition, drip, drip, drip, drip ... a technique, a method: to break the spirit and reform the child into a suitable behaviourally modified citizen and voter. Calling these folk names will not help the work we are engaged in.


Anything that 'disturbs' the balance of Power - the differential between those who hold power and those over whom power is held - is either co-opted (Cosmopolitan 'Feminism') (Bank Bail-outs) (United Nations) or demonised (Radical Feminism) (Austerity Programs demonise the poor) (Peace 'Protestors').

Just as the Vatican co-opts 'healing' of Survivors, by providing 'services based in Christianity' and demonises those Survivors who pursue Justice and Reparation and change.

This is because the holders of Power cannot afford honesty - it undermines their position, which they hold as being more important than other peoples lives. They are the Institutionalised individualists, the ME ME ME people, 'vote for ME' : the policies are merely a cover.

This is due to both their personal psychological dysfunction, and the Institutionalised and Bureaucratic nature of Power, which seeks to preserve itself above all else.

Enlightened Self-interest is also a make believe philosophy, an excuse, a mitigation of the realities of Power, a meme that disguises itself, not least to the person that holds such a perspective.

A genuinely enlightened human being retains their individuality AND their place in community as equal drives, each informing the other in a continuous feed back loop which allows for growth, exploration and learning.

Note I did not say 'the community' for the sense of community has to be inclusive of all human beings - and all biological communities - for it to be genuine, for it to reflect the biological realities.


The healing of a dysfunctional family dynamic is dependent upon the people in the family recognising their dysfunction and choosing to do something about it.

The healing of a dysfunctional state is dependent upon the agents of the state recognising their dysfunction and choosing to do something about it.

As voters, the electorate are agents of the state.

As Tax-payers, we are all agents of the state.


One's issues are a constant travelling companion, until they are dealt with!


The State is a mirror of the psychology of the people who control and design it. Only when the State is designed and controlled by a well informed, rational and empathic people will the State become a structure that Nurtures life. This is our task. To render the State as Nature intended, in effect to make the State redundant. The same applies to all Hierarchical Social Structures that mediate Power.


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Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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