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PTSD Culture and change or Recovery and Healing.

This graphic from LIVE LEAK shows the patterns and movement of kingdoms and nation states in Europe over 1000 years.... there is a subtext, one of PTSD affected Culture, which needs to be understood if it is to be changed.

1000 years of trauma, in the name of the 'nation state', the King or a Religion, mostly perpetrated upon the poor, the peasants, the workers, the children - though the rulers were not averse to slaughtering each other, they often collaborated in the slaughter of the poor, the peasants, the workers, the children.

It goes without saying that the preceding 14,000 years of Empire across the world is part of that same phenomenon.

This coping-with-trauma or PTSD has become Institutionalised, Nationalised as a myth of creation and has not yet been resolved, healed. The European Culture is a PTSD culture in almost every aspect. Christianity is absolutely a PTSD based religion, with it's focus on the dreadful torture of Christ on the cross, which is justified as a 'sacrifice' for all our 'sins'....
In the past 50 years, much scientific, clinical and anecdotal or informal work has been done on Trauma, on understanding the dynamics of PTSD and there ARE healing/recovery pathways that ARE known, that are being practiced and are very well understood.

However, that understanding has yet to penetrate Governance, mainstream 'economics', State Education systems or the Religions, (as well as grass roots activism, and the 'internetz' weird theories market) largely because the utility of the myth is essential to Power as we know it, and because Power dictates what children experience in schooling, as well as how parents treat their children amongst many other things.

Power determines conditioning. David Smail writes well on the matter of the day to day reality of distal Power - of the affects of decisions made by people who hold power, who are beyond the reach of those affected most by those decisions - the people of Iraq, the Metis/Indigenous peasants in South America with regard to US State Policy, ie the 'war on drugs' or the workings of social services and welfare in neo-liberal economies, where the poor, the disabled, the vulnerable are subject to Government dictats on 'austerity' and Media coverage void of empathy.

Until the grass roots understands this, how the culture into which we are born is a PTSD culture, and until activists deal with their own PTSD - be it direct trauma related or simple conditioning within a PTSD dominated environment, we will not see change. I believe that this process is underway, and that it will take a few generations to complete itself. The human/biological drive towards health is innate; this is a biological fact.

One of the reasons the Military Industrial Complex and Power pushes so much violence is that they KNOW what trauma does to people, and that enough people become so traumatised that they will continue the cycles of violence (Mujahadeen, 'rebels' etc etc etc) even when it is 100% irrational.... because it guarantees the continuation of their 'markets', and the politics and psychology of Power Relationships over Empathic Relationships and it undermines the potential healing of entire social structures, a healing which Power perceives as a threat. Indeed healing IS a threat to Power as we know it, yet the deeper truth is that that perception is a pathological one and the healing will, in the end, extend to include those with such a pathological view.

Given all that is known about PTSD, is it too much to seek, to demand, to work together so that Empathy is placed at the core of Culture, of Governance, with the welfare of the children (which is also directly linked to the health of the environment)  as the primary gauge of how well a society is, in physical, emotional and psychological terms, in both the short and long term?
If so, then why?

These are pertinent questions, and honesty is the only means by which they can be answered.

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