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What are we voting for: Police, Official Secrets, Protecting the most heinous of people because they ARE power?

Musing on Saint Patrick's Day. And what Christianity brought to our Island.

"Why the police won’t talk about Cyril Smith, child sex abuse and corruption"

Watch as the British Establishment 'manages' the Institutional 'response' to the 'allegations' of sexual exploitation and worse, of vulnerable children. By active members of Government and other high office. Covered up by the State to protect .... the State?

Are the children not of the State, then? Are they not citizens?

To protect Power, and to protect the facility of projecting that Power.


The Irish are my Family, the English are my Family, the Welsh, they are my Family, the Scots they are my Family...

The comments section is interesting. People are aware.

The article is a start....

----- Dreaming of Eire, the female godess, the mother warrior. St. Patrick, Rome and Christianity. All three ruined the dream.
"First we came for The Vatican, then we came for The Dioceses, then we came for State, and then we came for The Establishment, - The Institutions, and individual actors active in those Institutions, who clearly committed the most heinous of criminal acts, and we must meet this with our own action, to make abuse history within the grass roots, and when we are done, and we will see this through, the healing will be complete.

Speak truth, always. Listen well.

Long journey. Keep walking.

In the meantime, right about ... now!

There are no excuses. None. WE, the people cannot accept that Institutional logic. Ever.

We understand the philosophy, the psychology, the behaviour and actions of those officials who covered up. for those higher up the power chain. who had committed unspeakable crimes against vulnerable children ...... these are facts, rather than excuses. The rational is obvious - protect the image and status of the State, of Government above all other considerations.

Setting aside for a moment the principle of the fundamental and intrinsic adult responsibility to protect and nurture children, the urge to 'protect', as an institutional reaction is understandable, as pointed out above, and yet when it relates to such matters and when the truth is suppressed at such cost, this urge becomes an irrational behaviour through and through.
Because it undermines the Institutions concerned at their foundations. They have no standing whilst this is happening. And it abandons the victimised to  more trauma, more pain, more abuse.

'Twould have been better to expose the lot, at the time, and deal with the issues robustly, service justice and legislating for prevention, by education, therapy and other supports, and that would have strengthened that Institution big time, in real human terms ..... but that did not happen. Not in the UK, not at The Vatican, not in the many hundreds of Catholic and other congregations .... that is what it is. We see what they have each in turn done. 'Managed' the 'story'.

It has never happened for the many Aboriginal Societies that fell to the sword and anvil of 'progress'. There's a lot of baggage, and it must be unpacked and dealt with.

Speaking of which this article takes the behaviour of the Tony Abbott Government into the most surreal of realities.

A piece of legislation exempting certain large giant private Companies  from issuing public accounts on the basis that such details being in the public domain would expose the board members, Executives and management to kidnap threat. The law has been passed.

For certain members of the Governing Institutions, across Society, the law is a tool , it is their tool to do with as they wish. This cannot stand, not when what we know is all of what has happened on this story of abusers within Institutions that protect the abusers to protect themselves!?

What needs to happen is that the UN ought to investigate, and all whistle blowers be given the safety to reveal what they knew that was suppressed, that action be directed to identify those culpable, and where possible detain same where there is evidence based or proven allegations, investigate, report and then, in addition, all the way through the process, let the Survivors lead the story for a while....  all these adults clamouring and the children's voices remain as if mute.

What is that all about?

Possibly Stockholm Syndrome-ish at the mass level, or at least within the mainstream thought police, voters, people who still believe in the benign nature of our System and culture of Power, people just keeping it together to live a 'decent life' who can't handle the threat of the truth... it's too much for some people, for sure.

Just my way of looking at things.

Let the People hear The Survivors,let the people supports the survivors and protect the children ..... those what want to articulate in public aspects of their experience, and insight, they deserve to be heard and understood. We might learn much.

Within the mainstream, this story is of course going to be submerged by the election soap opera, sports and other news.

So my question to my readers, to all adults who vote, to those who do not: What are we all voting for?

More of the above?




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