Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The UK General Election : A Survivors view.

The central issue of the most importance in this election is the elephant in the room. Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile, Kincora House, Dolphin Square et al.

We are being asked to vote for parties and civil servants that have participated in protracted cover-ups of criminally abusive, predatory sexual exploitation perpetrated by members of Tory, Labour and Liberal Parties, in association with people in positions of trust within State 'care' facilities and have yet to reveal the full details of what transpired, in spite of years of campaigning by Survivors..
This matter goes to the very heart of the UK's 'Democracy'.

It reveals, amongst other things a core corruption that must be challenged and confronted, and excised from our systems of Governance. Everything else ought to wait until this task is complete, or else we are voting for more of the same.

Here's a well thought out piece, examining the meaning of State Secrets in the light of the known cover-ups of criminally abusive behaviour and activity of powerful people, cover-ups designed to protect the State... 

"The UK regime faces a critical time as a number of public inquiries into its past behavior unfold. The undeveloped issue within these inquiries is the nature of the change they will require in the regime. There is an added urgency to these inquiries and the need for change from the news reports associated with the recent revelations concerning historical child sexual abuse (CSA) cases. The concern was of a pedophile network that operated at the heart of the UK establishment.[1] The revelations associated with that case have been stunning. Yet, what is most disturbing is the Crown’s apparent collusion in covering up the incidents."

"If the regime is using CSA to control the state and politicians, then the public need to know why and what justifies it. What regime behaves in this way? Is this the way politics and policing are conducted in the UK? If it is, then is it time for a change, not only of government, but also of a regime that tolerates it, employs, and benefits from it? If change is required, we return to an implicit question of whether such change would be sudden or gradual. If the change is occurring gradually, then it might be that the public has to wait for the change. When we consider these questions, we realize that the issue becomes a secondary one, the debate over the nature, speed, and sustainability of the change and not the originating problem."

I would strongly urge anyone concerned with UK Politcis of Power and the welfare of Children to read this piece in full.

I and the author speak not only of the children who are survivors of assaults by predatory men and women in positions of power, but also of all those children whose lives have been blighted by UK Weapons, by Foreign Policy decisions made by UK Politicians, and by much else besides.

Who will speak up for all those children?

To vote for more of the same,  whatever one's beliefs, is unconscionable.

Worse than that, it enables the predators.

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