Saturday, 19 September 2015

Syria, the Refugees, European Hypocrisy and cruelty..


1. The Israeli Government has been at a state of war with Syria since the Golan Heights were taken by Israel, by Force, in the '6 day war' in 1967.

2. Syrian Government is recognised Internationally as a Sovereign State.

3. Saudi and US/UK inflitrated 'foreign fighters' into the pro-more-democracy movement protests (which were peaceful in intent and action). The violence started when they attacked Syrian Government police, then military. The groups attacking the Syrian Government are supported by Saudi, Qatar, Israel, UK, USA -- both covertly and overtly, Syrian was put into the 'axis of evil' by George Bush's US Government.

4. Once violence starts at that degree, the issues of democracy go out the window, The Syrian State fights to survive. It's fight is legtimate, given point 3.

5. ISIS started in Iraq, and was comprised of 'foreign fighters' and elements of the Death Squads set up by the US, through Colonel James Steele (ret) and Colonel James Coffman.

6. The pattern of Collusion or inflitrating violent militia was standard operational practice in Northern Ireland, and we know that they had agents active in stimulating violence in the IRA, the UVF and other militia. Same thing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya.

7. The long term solution is for US/UK and  Saudi to be stopped 'intervening' in the affairs of Arab States. The first step is to arrest Tony Blair and George Bush and all who operated with them to launch these wars against Arab States, apart from, of course, Saudi, Oman, Qatar, UAE.

At the same time, the US and UK and Sauds MUST BE STOPPED from interfering, overtly or covertly.

8. Without the honest facing of what has been done, as above, there will be no peace - 'no justice, no peace.'

9. It is pure hypocrisy of the European States to NOT take in the refugees they are part of creating. It is also cruelty, Institutionalised cruelty, and our taxes are funding it.

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