Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Established Power Base, Corbyn and You!

The Established Power base is not trying to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, it is trying to undermine YOUR participation in political decision making.

Jeremy Corbyn merely represents that desire to participate in ways that promote honesty, fairness and justice as THE STANDARD in ALL political decision making and State Governance.

Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly stated that the grass roots should be directly involved in policy formulation and the research/exploration that supports healthy policy formulation.

O'Donnell has stated clearly that 'recall' ought to operate at every level of electable public office, as a means to provide direct oversight and control to the grass roots.

These ideas were first laid out in some detail in The Power Inquiry​ 2006.

Ideas which David Cameron and Ed Milliband praised and then dismissed as 'impractical' without saying WHY he believed them to be impractical.


The greatest threat to the Established power base is not violence from 'terrorists' - it is the emergence of a grass roots actively committed to that equal participation and oversight of Government, a grass roots that is organising as I write.

From the removal of the Independent Living Fund to arming Saudi head chopping, crucifying Regime, from the dropping of clean energy to the expansion and promotion of Fracking, from the refusal to prosecute known predatory child abusers (in all main parties, and the Churches) to 'protect the state' to imposing intense examination upon primary school children, secondary school children, and ensuring University students emerge from Study in debt, all this in order to put them (and their teachers) under chronic stress.... these are all standard patterns of how Established Power operates to preserve it's position, enhance and project it's power into our lives.

If you are going to take on the system, it's best you know what you are dealing with. Be fearless, be honest, be a mature adult.

We ALL share a responsibility as adults, to each other and to all the children.... that responsibility is inherent, innate, fundamental to our healthy biology. Take it up.

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