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Jackie Walker, Anti-Semitism, Human Rights, North Dakota

Jackie Walker, British politics and anti-semitism.

“In terms of Holocaust Day, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Holocaust Day was open to all people who experienced Holocaust?”

What is wrong with saying this in an anti-semitism workshop?


“as a mixed-race person who is African and Jewish, I was making the point that why is the Cambodian genocide, which was after the 1940s, included and the African holocaust is not?”

She asked an honest question. A good question.

She didn't know that Holocaust Memorial day was limited to recent Holocausts.

She made a point.

Why not remember ALL Holocausts?

Why not acknowledge the universality of holocaust?

Would that not be a move towards more empathy, more peace, more honesty, less war, more peace?

William the Conqueror and the harrying of The North?

Her point is this : when this happens to any population by ANY means, when extermination or destruction of the majority of a people's civil polity and lives is a policy of a Hierarchy (South America and Spain, Belguim and Congo, Gt, Britain and Ireland, Gt. Britain and Bangladesh, Iraq, Libya, The Vatican and the children, Australia! and The Aboriginal Peoples, America and the Indigenous peoples of that land ..... ) we have to acknowledge that the lived experience of each and every individual subjected to that horror is meaningful - it says Hierarchies of Violence are corrupt.

When we look at it honestly.

It says Institutionalised Hierarchies of Violence are corrupt, evil and anti-human.

The International Statist system is still operating along those old lines of competition, war on many fronts, retaining power over a people, strategic 'interests'... etc, etc. It was the State as an institution that was the driver of all of these Holocausts.

Seeking power, those who take power all too often will claim any justification, use any demonisation and all kinds of manipulation, lies and propaganda, to promote their wars - and they do it intentionally. They always have.

No mistakes. Choices.

Iraq was a choice, not a mistake. Racism is bullying. Sexism is bully. UK Foreign Policy is bullying. To reserve Holocaust for only those events after WWII is a travesty, an irrational stance. She was correct to point it out.

We need to end the British Foreign Policy of war as a tool of strategic geo-politics.

That's her point.

If you read her comments in the full context of her life, our lives, the truth that is implicit in the point of her questioning.

So what is the point of the attempt to remove her from her role within Momentum?

That it follows the media pattern of seeking to undermine emergent people driven democratic policy formulation within a potentially electable Party which has allies outside it’s ranks…… is clear.

New Labour operatives managed the purge of voters. They were aligned with all who opposed Corbyn and Momentum. They shared advisors with those other opposers, they shared tactics, stories.

And every time, the grass roots has come back with an exacting analysis of the assault, one that exposes more of the detail of the hypocrisy, the bullying and the corruption.

They are at war. With us.

Natural Expectations, Human Rights, Living off the Land ……

Right now, in North Dakota, a continuation of an historical Holocaust is being played out.

One cannot separate the events under way and what has happened in the past. Life is a continuum.

Two Historians have shone some light on the American Revolution that gives some back ground to this situation.

The Colonial Elites had for some time sought to expand their land holdings (and empire) westwards but were stymied by two problems.

1. The presence of the Indigenous people's on the land they sought to appropriate. They did not have guns or cannon. They were therefore vulnerable to the greater military power.

2. The status of the Indigenous Peoples polities and land tenure in Europe. This latter issue was the more pressing of their problems to resolve.

European States had made a number of treaties with a number of Indigenous Nations recognising in European Law the validity of those po0lities and tenures. If this was allowed to progress, then the land to the West would be off limits, because those nations would have allies in Europe who could resist, by war fare and by economic war,

So they invented a scenario.

"No taxation without Representation"

By which they really meant, we (The Colonial Masters) want those taxes to fund our wars against the Indigenous peoples.... and we will use this pretext to break with Britain, undermine the established pattern of recognising Insigenous polities, and sweep westwards...

They were planning an operation that they knew would take at least a century. That's how far ahead these rulers think and act and plan.

The two writers are Howard Zinn and Anthony J. Hall.

The North Dakota Pipeline is a continuation of that policy.

Rights or Expectations?

I like to think of 'natural expectations' rather than 'rights'.
For me, to live off the land, as part of the land, to nurture oneself, one's community and maintain that environment in a healthy manner is a natural behaviour.

It's what all biology is doing if you look at outcome, and sense outcome as an intention.

Biology is alive and aware. I am biology.

It applies to me as I see myself - a bag of bacteria, earth material walking in the form of a human being.

This is my natural expectation - all my body systems are expecting that.

That I would spend my life nurturing the world that birthed me, in gratitude for the gift of life and with respect for my ancestors, that line of living wisdom, and with a sense of my duty to the future generations that I will be an ancestor of in turn.

Such fun! Such joy! Much hard work. Much music!

Good food, and great love in life. These are not rights, they are natural expectations.

Earth does not owe these to me, it expects me to make an effort. It does not expect that that effort will be trampled upon by bullies.... we are not adapted for that.

Rights come into play in a social situation of a hierarchy of Power, where some have more power than others and abuse those powers.

I think it's critical to make this distinction.

And yes, I have a song about it....

Recorded live @ Galstonbury...

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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