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Bleak Lives Matter.

Bleak Lives Matter

A slogan is never enough.

Honest discussion is always required to clarify.... which cannot happen and will not happen in mainstream media and politics, both of which are based on half-truths, psin, lies and coercion (bullying).

The honest discussion has fallen to us, the people.

The people as journalists, historians, historical actors writing their own stories.

Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter.

And Black lives do matter... it matters that racism exists and is inculcated by power hierarchies.

It matters that some people's lives are so bleak that they stoop to violence and crime in order to protect people from violence a crime, or so they say.

It matters that many young people who volunteer for Military Service do so to escape dead-end lives, to get an 'education' they could not afford in civilian life. Bleak lives.

It matters that Austerity is targeting a sector of the population whose lives are extremely bleak already, most often through structural inequities put in place by powerful, wealthy, greedy men and women, and the institutions they control.

It matters.

We live in a social system that is based on bullying, that is built on the broken bodies of millions of adults and children, that hands out comfort to those who side with the bullies, that indoctrinates, propagandises and murders with professional acumen.

Growing up in such an in humane social system is bleak, and growing up as one of the groups who are marginalised (children), bullied and subjected to hierarchicies of violence, at home (spanking), at school (punishment/reward), in the centers of religion (fundamentalists) is bleak indeed.

Black people, white people, brown people all bully their children.

Spanking is common.

Shouting at children is common.

Bullying children is common.

Grooming children is common.

None of these are common in healthy indigenous societies.

It takes a bleak life to enlist, a bleak life to become a corrupt cop, a bleak life to be a pedophile priest, a bleak life to be a lying corrupt politician serving corporate masters. It takes a bleak life to submit to indoctrination. It takes a bleak life to spout propaganda. Trump is bleak. The Clinton's are bleak. Netanyahu is bleak. Putin is bleak. Ronnie Reagan was utterly bleak. LBJ. Bleak.

BLM : to the unaware, it looks like a struggle to confront violence against black people - it is a struggle to confront institutionalised violence against all people.

It looks like a proxy war against Syria - it is a proxy war against all of us.

Established Power is not American or British, or Russian or Chinese, it is not Christian, Muslim or Jewish, it is none of these even though it might occupy the institutions of those states and those institutions.

Power wears the negligee of the flag to seduce the unaware, the bleak, the indoctrinated, the frightened, the brash.

It’s not even white!

It’s less about a skin colour than a pathological behaviour pattern.

Nonetheless, Racism exists and is inculcated. No baby is born racist.

The Hierarchy of Coercive Power is a social dynamic of institutional bullying that runs through the Statist system, yet it is not the Statist system, as much as it afflicts that system and inhibits it’s healthy development.

I am not my disease.

Those who operate that Hierarchy use Race as a socially divisive meme. It is intentional. Racism is an invention of the Power.

It has no natural progenitor. It does not emerge naturally. It has to be groomed.

So, for me,  it is less about what some some black people 'should do': they are busy enough dealing with the oppression's they face whilst trying to get by in such a brutally divided society -  it's about what ordinary white people as a social group need to do in pre-dominantly white countries where Institutional Power causes harm to any marginalised group or population, at home or abroad, using our taxes – we need to re-occupy the Governance systems we are funding - that we are paying for - that are currently dominated by an elite ruling class in all our countries whose primary concern is their own welfare, power and wealth and who routinely ignore the harms they cause in that mission, and we need to make those institutions safe for all ordinary people, every where.

They are using our work, our money to fund their wars.

The system, as it is being abused by a clearly identifiable oligarchy, is not our common abuser.

It is those who abuse their positions of power who are the abusers. Empty the system of the abusers, and it can be reformed.

We whites do have a privileged position within it.

We can take power back from the oligarchies and make it safe for all people.

We need to use that privilege to remove the bullies. Locally and nationally.

THAT'S what we need to do.

Bleak lives matter.

In as much as why do people become racist?

What’s gone so awry in that person’s life that they end up being a KKK activist, or a Cop who shoots an unarmed, non threatening woman, or a G4S Guard who assaults a detained child?

Does this question have meaning when it is about a President who launches a war of aggression to ‘bring democracy’, or a Government Minister who cuts the Independent Living Fund for disabled people to ‘save money’ - a policy which led to a massive increase of stress and early deaths, and cost more than it saved, or a Chancellor who claims ‘austerity’ as a cover for fiscal abuse?

Are those lives not bleak too?

And the bleakness of poverty, of dull boring jobs, of zero hours contracts, lack of transport,  lack of community, the bed room tax, Keith Vaz’ sex life rather than his criminal political acts….

The bleakness of homelessness, on our streets, and in refugee campes across the world.

Bleak lives matter, they affect and afflict us all.

“because to live without experiencing/ignoring ones empathy is a bleak existence indeed, however many shiny trappings you cover it in.”

a quote from a good friend of mine, D. Grinstead, (princess)

And bleakness of those who bully..... its all dehumanisation.

Poverty is imposed by concentrations of wealth.

The entire social system is raging with dishonesty.

Taking one single issue without connecting the dots to all issues is not an effective way forwards.... not for the 21st Century...

Bleak lives matter, all lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Brown lives matter.

Green lives matter.

Lives lived in poverty matter.

The children tatting rubbish in African rubbish dumps, their lives matter, and they matter enough for all of us to act in ways that reduce the rubbish dumps, build real education facilities and nurture healthy autonomy in all around us.

Love matters.

Black lives matter, and they matter enough for all of us to act in ways that reduce the violence, removes inequity, that build real community across cultures and language groups, and nurtures healthy autonomy in all around us.
And yes, we in the WEST, we ‘the tax payer’s are the ones with the REAL power to make change happen - and we are failing in that, big time, and that failure has deep and adverse impacts on the lives of Africans, South Americans, Arabs and all indigenous peoples.....  and on women and people of colour everywhere.

We have to see where we are in this.

It less about what black people 'should do' ; it's about what ordinary white people as a social group need to do – re-occupy Governance systems long dominated by the extant mostly white elite ruling class and make those safe for all people every where.

THAT'S what we need to do.

My life matters.

Your life matters.

Our lives matter.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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