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The Grooming Culture of Hierarchical Power in Industrial Society.

If I have a personal feeling or sense of identification towards a celebrity, a flag, a state, a company or any other entity that is presented to me for consumption, then I have probably been successfully groomed.

No exceptions.

No more Heroes.

No more Saints.


Organised Religion and Hierarchies of Power and Violence are all grooming experts.

They have to be.

Brexit and the recent US Elections were both superb grooming exercises where evidence was routinely ignored on all sides, and people were deliberately triggered by both sides, on all sides,in order to exploit the people.

Healthy human biology does not do this nor does it do 'celebrity.'

Lady Gaga speaking for Hilary Clinton. Really?

It was a performance, an epic moment of careful grooming. I thought it was utterly appalling. Ugly.


It might be a difficult thing to do, to separate and remove these internalisations that become part of my sense of self, but I know this - they are undermining my true self, my emergent self and they are not healthy.

As a good friend put it, "Identity pegged to the pathology of an illusion."All dehumanisation is based on grooming.

All celebrity likewise.

The existence of the British Monarchy is a prime example of grooming strategies utilised by a power structure.

Look at WHY the Parliament brought the Monarchy back. (To unite the nation.... to give the plebs something to rally behind, to shut them up) or refer back to Magna Carta and the reasons behind the deal made, which both sides abrogated as soon as they could, for very different reasons.

The King as a necessary uniting device.

"For God, King and Country."

How many millions have gone to their deaths, and worse, have participated in slaughter of innocents, with that call reverberating in their minds?

This kind of institutional grooming enables the few to gather the resources of the many, and then claim they are somehow better than then many (because they have hoodwinked them with violence and craft) and so ought hold that wealth to themselves, no matter what the cost to the majority.

The New Age.
New Age Grooming - your 'spirit animal' for example.

Who claims a slug as theirs, or a rat, or a pigeon or any of the common animals in urban areas? The animals we live with...

Spirit Animals were about the animals those people LIVED WITH.... as part of their understanding of those animals and themselves in that situation. Totally inappropriate to the urban dweller in the industrial civilisation.

Useless, other than as an entertainment.

And people make lots of money out of it.

"Everything happens for a reason!"

Exploitation. But let's not mention that, let's pretend it is The Universe moving in mysterious ways. God. Learning to live with abuse drives people out of their minds, their hearts, their souls.

It is also a distraction from the issues, personal and communal, that we face.

That distraction also is exploitation.

Infatuation, 'pulling', seduction, any gift that has an expectation of an outcome, any lobbyists bribe, the ethics of predatory sex, pick up merchants, etc ... all grooming.

Grooming is one of the core dynamics of this 'civilisation' - those who refuse are murdered in their millions.

Grooming is a behaviour pattern known only in hierarchically violent societies.

The vast majority of pre-conquest cultures that were/are egalitarian hold the autonomy of the person/spirit to be utterly sacred.

They saw and understood that living organisms are all autonomous - they grow their own way.

They understood that they could hunt and eat, but not interfere with their lives apart from that, without causing serious damage to that species and to their own sustainability.

No healthy society hunts prey to extinction, neither do natural predators.

If it does happen there is always a chronic stressor interjecting.


Most were gardeners, then gatherers, then hunters. The image of the savage wild hunter, the alpha male 'ug ug' is also pure grooming, there is no reliable evidence for that image.Grooming is targeting known vulnerabilities to enable exploitation.

Trump excelled in this election in that regard.

So too Nigel Farage.

Jimmy Savile. Cyril Smith. Tens of thousands of clerics.

Media advertising geared to what is called 'aspirational marketing' where the message is if you buy this you will be cool, or if you don't you won't.

Grooming. The objection to the marketing we see every day in the Tube system is a genuine concern. Is YOUR body 'beach ready'?

Seduction and Education : role reversals in an Institutional setting.

The original meaning of the word seduction is to 'lead away from'... Trump seduced millions. Farage seduced Millions. Blair seduced millions.

In an ironic contrast 'educare' the root of 'Education' means 'to be present at the birth of', as in the role of a good mid wife.

The healthy midwife does not alter the child's psyche. Education, when it is compulsory, totally alters the child's psyche. It is a seduction. With coercion behind it.
And Alice Miller noted that there was no commandment, amongst the ten that Christianity acclaims, which directed folk to honour the child. A serious omission indeed, especially when all the other commandments were followed by a threat, if your read the original .... and this omission is at the heart of the issues we are dealing with.

To honour the child, one must NEVER break the child's boundaries or usurp his or her true self and autonomy.

"All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children."

The entire structure of hierarchical power rests on the breaking of these lines... as a normative.
Austerity cuts are hitting Women and Children across the world, as people are being groomed to accept it as necessary, by dehumanising the vulnerable, lying about the outcomes, dismissing the evidence.

This too is grooming.

ALL WAR IS CHILD ABUSE - all child abuse is war.

Examine the grooming of the British people who did not want to go to war in WWI,or the American people either for that matter.

Examine the grooming in Hitler's Germany, in Japan at the same time.

Colin Powell with a vial of white powder, shouting 'Boogie Man!"

We who are serious about contributing to the welfare of all our contemporaries and all our descendants must get to grips with this, at the personal, institutional and collective levels. Rapidly.

We will only find the truths in this by ruthlessly honest reflection. It cannot be explained in ways that replace it being experienced.

Our attachments and unresolved insecurities will block that.

So don't be too hard or harsh on ourselves, let us take the time to go deep, as we take action.

It is a life's work.

It is good work.

It is love in action.

And so it goes.
Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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