Thursday, 10 November 2016

Indoctrination (education/media) as a political tool of oppression.

I said it before. I write it again.

An electorate that is presented with a caricature of reality who accept it at face value is unqualified to vote.

Governance of the public weal demands evidence, not personalities and our opinions about things we do not have full knowledge of.

Wounded Knee

The REAL reason for the American Revolution was not to do with 'no taxation without representation' or 'tea'.

It was to break a legal standard that European powers were creating that recognised indigenous nations polities and land tenures as being of equal standing in Law with European States.

The 'land owning' elites of the colonies had already established dynastic lines of dominance and wanted to take all the land 'from sea to shining sea' which was 'occupied' by many tens of millions of native peoples and their cultures... to build a new Empire.

Manifest Destiny they called it and still call it, only now it applies to the entire globe.

So they broke from Europe... and then started to plan how to take the lands they wanted....

forced assimilation or death


Treaties, small pox blankets, small homesteaders (who were formerly indentured workers), outright slaughter, forced assimilation, planned from the very beginning, maintained for 400 years... still operating today @ #NoDAPL

And all through it the native peoples repeatedly tried to sue for peace... warfare as a Native response was minor by comparison (despite the implications of all those 'westerns' we were all raised upon) to the murderous behaviour of the US State.

And the truth is few Americans get this. 

And the elites created the base for institutional racism, through media of papers, pamphplets and churches, to ensure that the slaves and the natives, the demonised, dehumanised, would be treated as less than human.

That is a feat of social programming comparable to Christians and their bible, Islam and the Quran, Judaism and The Torah, and Zionism.

These are all tools of Power.


And the tactic of taking one groups land and then making a peace treat with the next group westwards, a peace treaty, all official and ceremonial, peace pipes and gift exchanges was most common. False peace speeches.

The treaty would be signed by the US Government... and a year or two later incursions would start, false flag ops would happen, media stories would hype racism, violence would escalate..... sounds familiar?

Libya, Syria?

What kind of people mediate this degree of longitudinal cruelty, duplicity, deceit, theft and social conditioning all this entails over half a millennia?

What kind of organisation is required to maintain that over that period...?

How good a manipulating a populations psychology do they have to be?


And the icing on the cake?

They crafted the 'no taxation without representation' in order to bind indentured workers, slaves, servants, labourers, shopkeepers, artisans, small land holders, homesteaders, hunters, etc by pretending it was all about them..... 'YOUR FREEDOM'.

And it worked, just as Obama's HOPE worked.

Just as Trump's "make America great again" worked.

Just as Farages 'Take our Country back' worked.

Politically a majority of people are naive to the hilt, and extremely vulnerable to being manipulated and usually totally unwilling to admit it, and the system is expert at grooming the angry to fit whatever agenda they want to play out.

The right wing move was in the planning long time.


Protests in the USA against Trump.

A set-up.

Agent provocateurs agitating naive youth and others to take to the streets.


By the Establishment, to deepen the divisions within the US population.

The speeches by Clinton and Trump were designed to give them a free pass.
The naive will take those speeches at face value.

They are working together, always have been.

This is how ruling elites operate.

Maggie Thatcher's "Where there is discord, let me sow peace'....

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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