Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Fake news, bullying, indoctrination and politics.

New York Mag article on FAKE NEWS SITES.

They do not include the mainstream media that LIED to the hilt to promote the War of Aggression against Iraq, the supreme War Crime, in that it contains all others...

That media activity is and was a War Crime.

Period. No exception, no excuses.

Everyone who wrote for that war is a war criminal.

It is one of the largest co-ordinated institutional bullying operations of recent years, if not the largest.

The data and evidence that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, or was not harbouring Islamic Terrorists planning waves of terrorism, or was in any way, shape or form a threat to the UK or the USA was widely available.

The mainstream media ignored all this. They printed fake shit, day in day out. They still do.

The writers, editors and owners understood that they could get away with the criminal activity they were engaged in because they knew that a majority of people believe what they read in officially approved text books, such as we use in school, and in Scriptures. It's called indoctrination.

Here's the psycho-social background.

We spend years in school, coerced into reading texts, and regurgitating them to get exam results, (with the threat that unless we conform we will be impoverished all our lives and live as rabble) and that 12 years of institutional bullying trains people to not use critical analysis, pattern observation, detail examination; just to repeat as directed.

Add to that the knowledge that a majority of people see politics as corrupt and unresponsive (an accurate perception) just as the schools are corrupt and unresponsive, (most people are unwilling to acknowledge this) and you get the heady cocktail of a power establishment that bullies so much that most people are de-sensitised to all but the most extreme and obvious forms of bullying, and a significant percentage tend to be bullies within their own lives and work, more often if they ever assume positions of relative power that generates high income.

This article shows, in some detail, the dynamics of political institutional bullying and it also reveals much about how the personal is political.

Readers will have epiphanies as they explore it. You will see aspects of your own life experience detailed. It might even be a healing experience.

Anyone discussing politics who does not zero in on the bullying is self disabling, self dis-empowering and 100% unable to deal with the situation.

Whatever one's leaning, (left, right, center, green, blah, blah, blah) if we do NOT discuss the bullying FIRST, the rest of our conversation is futile.

Talk about economics - zero in on the bullying, the rest will fall into place.

Talk about environment - zero in on the bullying, the rest will fall into place.

Avoid the issue of bullying and that guarantees that the bullying continues - look at what happens in our state school system. That's a prime example of 'environmentalists' missing a key pollutant that alters the psychology of the entire grass roots.

So yeah, Bullying. Deal with it or be bullied, that is the fundamental reality, as individuals and as collectives.

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