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Optimal Human Bioloigical Health over behaviourally modified organisms.

From a purely biological social observation, one would notice that an optimally biologically healthy human being will express the following attitudes or sensitivities, as evolved for living as an effective or competent and unique individual within a co-operative community that knows how to live in the habitat in which they find themselves, without harming it; and in so doing they permaculture the habitat like all other creatures do.

They will demonstrate these qualities in abundance, and in varying degrees, we are all unique,  and it is also true that some days are bad hair days and others quite awful, as moods are a genuine flow of variations in sensitivity. In among all the lovely stuff!

1. Respectful self awareness, and a respectful awareness of others.

2. Self empathy and empathy for others.

3. Sense of self, sense of community.

4. Willing co-operation and sharing of skills and resources for the community,

5. Excellence in areas of adult responsibility, in skills and abilities that suit the individual's temperament.

6. Robust physical health.

7. Egalitarian approach to social organisation, no genderism or hierarchy of violence.

8 An ability to read the environment, accurately.

9. Life long ability to learn, through self motivation and mentoring.

10. Sense of gratitude towards ancestors, sense of duty of care to future generations.

11. Generally adept at conflict resolution, abides with a deep sense of justice

12. Cries when hurting, all emotions are felt and all feelings expressed.

13. Heals well.

14. Laughs and loves much, and is loved and respected by peers.

15. Would learn most of this without any hierarchically mandated instruction. by observing adult communities behaving as above, and working to that model, because it works and everyone loves each other, though some might not like each other so much. They can handle that. Shit happens.

NOTE : A chronically stressed individual will present a symptom set and behavioural picture as far removed from this optimal as the stressors he or she is enduring are distant to the natural biological background levels within which optimal biological health emerges as an evolutionary outcome.

All of the above is supported by a mass of evidence, going back 2 million years, at least.

Domesticated animals are behaviourally modified organisms. So too, in a different way, all wild creatures of all sizes, ever. The difference is that domestication of animals is done to control them as a food source. Wild behaviour is largely learned by observation and testing. A lot like Science.

Here is my base point.

Healthy human behaviour best adpated to the habitat from which we, as a species, emerged. Which just happens to be a complex and dynamic habitat that is constantly changing. Sometimes subtly, sometimes in acute events.

We are, of course, individual unique and complex eco-systems, with billion of companion species assisting us in every manner.  Each of us. Populated by billions of organisms upon whose efforts, minute as each organism is, are at the very base of our body functioning.

Just like Trees. Just like everything else that is alive on Earth, of Earth.

So the health of any individual is webbed in all directions into the community and habitat.

Biologically we are all in this together.

Chronic stressors such as war, displacement, poverty, living under duress,
experiencing long term bullying, debt, lack of services, vulnerability, disease, psychological stress all tend to corrode the optimal biological health stasis for the human organism.

Those stressors alter the endocrine systems of the adults, the youth, the children, the unborn babies in utero. Everyone is afflicted to one degree or another. There is variety in the reaction/response just as we are all unique people, and within any group some patterns will readily emerged, or become visible.

Patterns are merely aggregates, and cannot be safely applied to the individual case, where exact data and evidence is needed, due to the unique person presenting a case that demands a personal evidence based diagnosis and from that then a plan to meet the patient/person as a whole can be created.

I think at core of my perception is the concept of a return to balance, rather than any utopian futurist ideal.

The balance is in our behaviour, our motivation, in seeing our vulnerability and sensitivity as a gift. Work on the behaviour, and the rest will follow, as we bring our minds less cluttered by chaff to the problems we face.

Healing is a recovery. Step by step.

Far better we engineer a genuine recovery than fall for that old seduction of The Revolution’.

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"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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