Sunday, 14 May 2017

The costs of war and the externalised costs we do not see.

"Who to vote for in a warring State?" was my previous thought on how to place this election in it's most honest context. Here I briefly explore more of what that means for me. Based on the available evidence.

The British State is a warring State, with unaccounted for War Crimes on it's CV, crimes we tax payers have funded under duress.

War is a crime. And yet we taxpayers are still funding the British Wars.

21st Century awareness says this is a pathological behaviour modality and it has no place in any sphere of biologically optimal human society.

The costs of the war policy that the western voters do not take seriously enough are the costs born by those whose countries, economies and persons are blown apart so violently.

Those wounds and maimings, those murders and bombings, the civil destruction, the riven communities cannot cannot be undone; such harms cannot be mitigated, diminished or set against a balance sheet of ''good'..

The only people who can do anything to end this cycle of British State violence are the British taxpayers.

No one in Government or Industry or Banking appears genuinely willing  to end this cycle of violence, the use of Military Force as a tool of International Relations aka Foreign Policy (which is always only seen from one side, when analysis is published via the media of each state or party involved in violence...)

Imagine what it might feel like if you and I were watching world news as a foreign state with a superior military was openly talking about bombing our Civil Government, destroying it's military and bringing in an exiled leadership with no support on the ground, knowing they were going to go ahead, being told what kinds of bombs they'd be using, understanding that our towns and villages would become battle grounds?

What is that really like?

Defence Policy - We NEED a Ministry of Peace just to satirise the current paradigms and behaviours.  And beyond satire, we need peace.

Hows about a Department for Health and Safety Assessment For All Munitions, Guns and Deliver Systems?

And an Ecological FootPrinting Directorate to regulate pollution from munitions, at all stages, from manufacture to end use, and recycling or composting.

How much taxpayers cash is blown to bits when a British or Saudi Jet launches a missile?

And what are the costs of the outcome of the explosion - the costs of what the explosion caused as an immediate outcome, and all future costs of adverse experiences and health, mental, emotional and psychological, as far as we can predict them?

I want to see a Live War Audit, on the MOD site, with daily details of bullets used, bombs used, their costs and impacts (excuse the pun) so that we can see exactly what our money is being exploited for, and what is being ignored, denied, covered up to maintain the current paradigm of 'competing states'.

I'd like to see a live feed audit of this costing historically and as it happens, as a front page counter on the MOD Web page.

Wouldn't you?

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