Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Constant Cultural Trauma Stress Disorder. A sales chart, a saudi prince and a poison plot.

Is it possible that an entire culture can have PTSD?
Is it possible that the PTSD behaviours become institutionalised over time, and are therefore normalised?

Does it then becomea a constant cultural trauma stress disorder - CCTSD?
Is that what we are dealing with?

Cultural chronic post trauma stress behaviour patterning.

When Donald Trump, as president of the American Federal State, can flash a sales chart of weapons sales in front of the Saudi Arabian State for the media, as a publicity gimmick , and the UK State can make an unproven (and probably unprovable) allegation of assassination against the Russian State, without any due process, as a publicity gimmick, when men and women who weild power and whose actions will directly impact the lives of billions of people, often adversely, can behave thus, when they can feel secure enough to behave in that way, in public, I think we have a psycho-social behavioural problem of immense proportions.

Democracy is nullified in such an environment. It's practice, if it leads to this, is abbysmal.

Exporting Democracy to Afghanistan, iraq, LIbya ands Syria pretty much revealed that.

Trauma upon trauma, and nothing but justifications, lies and more violence. 

"Arm the teachers!"

Before we take action, we need an accurate and evidence verified diagnosis, and a reminder of the Hippocratic Oath - "First, do no harm."

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