Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Theresa May, Gaslighting: we gotta talk about manipulative behaviours.

Name the behaviour.

Theresa May responding to Jeremy Corbyn, in Parliament, on our taxes...

She rejects his point, she lies about the situation, then she gaslights Corbyn (and the opposition, and indeed the entire country) which is to say she switches from the direct question, disguises it with lies, and then blames the other for the problem...

And nobody comments, nobody stops her, nobody points out the lies,no says you are avoiding the question, no one points out the gas-lighting, the tactic of not only not answering the question directly, but of also implying the questioner is in the wrong!

This tactic is anti-democratic because it is abusive in intent. It is bullying, no less.

It is disruptive to good governance.

Parliament and the media alike must be challenged about these tactics...

We need to talk more about this kind of dynamic in public affairs....

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