Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Enough, Already! Taking sides in inter-State violence is dysfunctional. (HIroshima edit)

around 8am, 6th August.


peace requires a basis in experience, and "Peace is more than the abscence of war."

Peace is not an abstract, nor is it relative.

Peace is the fundamental state of a loving human community, living as biologically healthy creatures, as part of the biosphere, the livingness of and on Earth, without ever being bullied, or ever becoming bullies, in any shape or form, from cradle to grave.

Peace is simple, and leads to complex diversity across a planet as varied as this. (there are no comparables, of course, it's just a turn of phrase.)


Let's have some honesty here, before it all goes silly.

The dynamic known as competing militarised powers is a human, social, societal ecological pathology. 

The institutionalisation of what amounts to lethal bullying has be to be seen for what it really is. Lethal bullying. Inappropriate behaviour. Harm causing behaviour. A social disease.

Taking sides within that dynamic, absent any formal recognition, let alone a diagnosis, of that state of pathology, merely perpetuates the dynamic.  Having diagnosed the situation, taking sides becomes redundant.

Such people - the side takers - cannot ever bring peace or resolve the situation because by taking sides they perpetuate that struggle.

"One cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it."
A. Einstein.

It is a matter of logic. 

It's a priori stuff.

Taking sides in an environment of organised violence is insane.

That said, in the existing situation, that's a choice deliberately removed from millions of men world wide. they stand armed, and ready to follow orders.

It's not healthy.

Part of my approach is to address the question - what is healthy human behaviour?

To focus not on the brutality to resist it, rather to focus on the health dynamic, to quell that brutality, to ease it's insecurity, to heal the situation, long term.

Long term means delayed gratification, it means thinking of generations of diverse people yet to be born in terms of what we will leave for them to deal with. It means humility - that is the acceptance of the wonder of biological life as a philosophical realisation that is also experiential,  and this sensitivity enables access therefore to the riches of the biological habitat, the wonder that is 'aboriginal land lore'.. it means doing your bit now, and surrendering the future to the continuation of adults doing their bit.

These ancients were masters at healthy human living. They were happy people. Until conquest.

This culture is a pup of a thing, a runt.

Immature, narccisitic, self serving and prone to bullying.

Self harming.

Cease taking sides, and start confronting the truth of the situation. 

All of it, all sides, and as we examine each, pick apart the truth and the lies, based on the evidence.

The existing system of competing militarised powers is unhealthy, it is harm causing on a massive scale. It is not a welfare system, and is barely social.

The evidence is in, and it is well understood, and the adverse outcomes, the harms are clear to all.

It amounts to institutionalised bullying.

Call it out for what it is, do not be terrified of it.

Name the behaviour.

Name it. Calmly, technically, clearly, without ad hominem, evidence based. Information.

.. if only because the system of competing militarised continues to be perpetuated by lies and accepted myth.

this is about us growing up, rather than rising up, let us do!

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