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Theresa May, Justice, the Brain on Trial, Common Wealth Violence

Deliberative Justice...

Less about punishment than containment and restoration of peace/justice....

Trauma and neuro-behaviourally informed, evidence led, designed for restoration of peace, prevention of further harm.

Accountability rather than guilt.

Remorse rather than shame.

Flexible enough to confront the person with their own behaviour, and give them the responsibility for their containment, to the degree that the 'defendant' co-operates and demonstrates a change in behaviour that is lasting.

Restorative Justice.

There are many people, deeply versed in legislative systems and the science of the brain, neurology and behaviour, world wide who are exploring these dynamics, and generating trials and new practices..

The biology of behaviour, the sciences of neurology and endocrinology, child development and human geography bring an important series of observations that must impact what we call the Criminal Justice System.

There are aspects of behaviour that are beyond conscious control, in that they are biological dysfunction states within the persons body systems, including the brain.

This short video introduces the basic concepts in pretty clear language... its entertaining, heart warming and challenging.

I respectfully suggest readers view this video before proceeding with the rest of this piece..


Alan Alda and Robert Sapolsky, 

The Brain on Trial - 

Behave, the Biology of Humans at our best and our worst
essential reading!

Who Am I?

Who or what do we identify or internalise?

For me I internalise plant life, bug life, biological life, all life as much as I can, I ixternalise love, empathy, compassion ... it's so different in quality, it's hugely healthy compared to 'appreciation' of the bland offerings of the artifice civilisation likes to call 'culture'.

I feel connected to all living as one, made of many.

Compared to the intelligence and beauty of the biology, the 'achievements' of the hierarchical civilisation culture loses their lustre, they stand debunked, the dominant culture's self acclaimed notion of 'progress', it's pomp and grandeur are mere showmanship. Barnum Arts. 

Clever yuk, skilled yuk, genius  yuk, yes  all these, they worked hard at their various arts, they were superb craftsmen, and so too the weapons makers, and it was all propaganda... a lot of it still is.

I have no taste for that.

Biological life is still the mother and the muse of Humanity, of human-ness.

Compost is my future.

Nurture is my present, and my presence.

I know who I am, what I am.

Peace is more than the absence of war.

Being’ anti-war’ or being peaceful is to be mature enough to not take sides in a dysfunctional hierarchy of violence.

Now that that is cleared up, perhaps we can progress.

Let us continue this conversation, in order to be informed, enlightened and reassured.... in our desire to bring the conflict and violence to a close.

Break the cycle.

Cease the violence.

The Windrush Common Wealth Immigration Issue...

Theresa May's policy decision which has caused, and is causing real harm to real people. Avoidable in every single case. In spite of being forewarned of the problems.

The cruelty of this policy implementation, that they went ahead even though they were warned that the policy would result in avoidable harm.... something else is going on other than incompetence... and it must be regarded as an act of institutional violence.

This policy was put in place in 2014.


I have a theory.

The Establishment knew they had a EU referendum ahead and their tactic was to generate as much division as possible across different demographics.

They wanted to break the center and left into many pieces using the EU ref. which they believed would happen which ever way the vote went. They expected the vote to go to remain. 

So the strategy was to troll and harass different sectors and demographics, using regulation

By making immigration from the Caribbean and Common Wealth more difficult, that demographic felt unfairly treated, and their ire turned against the EU immigrants, directed by the media and populist politics, and they backed Brexit for that reason. By making immigration rules more difficult for all Common Wealth origin, they would have trolled a huge demographic that could have influenced the Brexit Vote.

My local UKIP Candidate in Harrow West was Asian, in his 60s, and concerned about the unfairness in immigration rules for Common Wealth vs EU immigrants. At the time that struck me as strange. A year ago I met a lovely Caribbean woman who told me she voted for Brexit because the immigration rules were so unfair. These two events in my life now fit into a larger pattern.

The Home Office was warned that their policy as set out would render many tens of thousands of long term UK taxpaying Caribbean British Citizens illegal aliens. They went ahead. That's my first  'clue'.

Now we hear the paper documents, the landing papers, of thousands and thousands of people who arrived, legally, legitimately were all destroyed in an 'office move' pretty much guaranteeing this outcome.

In 2010 or 2009, by either a Tory or New Labour Administration.


In other words they knew, in 2010 and 2014 that the original documents were destroyed, and that would lead to lack of proof of legal entry for hundreds of thousands of older generation immigrants.

The outcome tells the tale.

Now, they are caught out, because the injustice of that policy is a news story, 4 years later.

Perhaps they already had a plan that looked at this and they will now implement their chosen resolution, and make it look like they are 'responsive' to feedback (Tell the disabled that...... see how that goes down) just in time for the Council elections........

They are that machiavellan.

And that is the problem here - the machiavellan psychology of the Power system.

Harming families to pursue policy objectives.

Just look at the behaviour of The British State since 2003.

Deliberately escalating militarised violence.

What are we dealing with here?

What indeed?

Craig Murray asks a similar question.

Robert Fisk went to Duoma, and spoke to the people who were there when that video purporting to show gas attacked children.

Their testimony contradicts the narrative of a gas attack.

Robert Fisk is a 100% reliable source, unbiased, who lives in Beiruit, has done for decades, and who does not take sides, and writes critically of all the violence on all sides, consistently exposing hypocrisy wherever it emerges in what he reports on.

The 'reason' given for the 102 missile attack on Syrian State infrastructure was a blatant lie.

What kind of people, again?

Read all about it.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

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