Tuesday, 2 July 2019

News Media, Our Billions, Their Billions, Blair indicted? who is in charge here?

This life is a jam, not a rehearsal.

We are sensitive, because that is how biology grows... through sensitivity.

Being bullied undermines sensitivity, always.

I understand that live in a Violent Hierarchy, where large powerful groups of people and institutions wage war, often through proxies, militarily, economically, culturally and ideologically seeking degrees of 'full spectrum dominance.'

That is not Healthy.

At all.

On any level.

It's bio-illogical.

Nature or Living systems are not competitive fora,  they are all fully fledged mutli layered co-operating diversities.


The historical situation of emerging from within oppression, to resist and recover full health.

That is 'where' we are.... the 'when' is always now.

So here's a behavioural over-view, a massive generalisation, yet I think one that is helpful as a focussing tool

It is understood, that in some cases, some traumatised or brutalised or neglected children or individuals can learn dysfunctional behaviours, thought sets; and in turn they craft controlling mechanisms to manage a chaotic life, which are internalised and later on expressed in the will to control others to meet perceived needs of the controlling, wounded party.

This will influence the children born to such a parent, so as to habituate the next generation to hierarchy, power, violence as normal...unconsciously... behaviourally.

So too with communities.   Suspend all judgement, just for the next few paragraphs amd walk with me a little, as I explain.l

What can happen to a family to turn it into a dysfunctional unsafe place is scaled up at the State level.. the same dynamics, different expressions due to size, complexity etc... both bad situations..

Europe is littered, as is every other continent, littered with traumatmised and marginalised communities, oppressed by more powerful communities..We call the States and 'demographics' - everything is expressed as socio-economic status...

The existing system is rooted in bullying, in hierarchies of power.

It has everywhere attack the egalitarian pre-conquest cultures. None have been spared. Contact with industrialised peoples leads to extinction...

It is to be expected that leaders and ruling groups within this Competing Powers set-up are violent operators.

Concentrated private Wealth has always been the primary political party, (we call them the Oligarchy) and it was they who first replaced the Kings, and it was they who opened and maintained Parliaments of Owners,  and who pursued general Education by the State, and the financing of wars via Taxation and borrowings, and later on, after WWI and II, they ceded limited powers to Democratic assemblies, begrudgingly..

Now, they - the owning class, the Oligarchy - are clawing back more of that power, and wealth which the believe is theirs by right, and by the might of their billions, and so it goes.

Until someone decides the break the cycle in his or her life...

Until many choose that, quietly, robustly and then choose solidarity...

The Billionaires have their billions - we tax payers have ours, and we need to not be fighting each other, divided to vote for which bully we choose to be ruled by.... really...

We need to be using our Billions to regulate the Oligarchy, because their businesses all operate within the commons, and must be forced to be honest, transparent and safe for the commons. It really is that simple.

That's how we can frame the next step in Democracy...

Some days I think that the news media's role is to deliver stress to our brains.

And distraction, entertainment, fine.

Honesty about power, the kind that makes a robust man laugh - not a chance!

Then I remember the Worshipful Company of Stationers (and Newspaper Makers), the Star Chamber and censorship of printed materials in 14th Century England.


--- War and News Makers...


the ultimate legal, criminal responsibilities lie with those who ordered the war.

Given that to marshall the logistics for war is a deliberate and complex operation, why did the citizens not act to prevent the politicians from committing War Crimes, at that stage?

The preparation of an illegal war is as much a war crime as the rest ....once combat commences, there is no way to undo...

it is not logic, nor is it advisable though it is common to undict a trooper and not have the troopers entire command chain in the dock with him.

If a War Crime occurred, then the FULL picture of command liability is essential in confronting what took place, and how...the context must be understood, not to mitigate, nor to deflect, but to focus liability where it is...

We NEED this information in the public domain, in order to be able to prevent it from happening

It has to be that future military commanders whould understand that any time a politician issues an illegal order, they have the duty reject the order, then to arrest that politician, and hand him or her to the custody of the Civil State.

It has to be that following illegal orders breaks the millitary code, and the order issuer can be arrested by the subordinate.

Illegal military orders ought be seen as treason against both the home people and the target peoples...

If we truly want peace, we must be robust about it.

Arrest Blair, Cameron, May - see who wants to go to war after that.


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

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