Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Dr. Strangelove? I presume!


Last week it was reported in various mainstream and internet media that NATO is officially on pre-emptive nuclear strike alert status, as is Russia and Israel. NATO includes the US, France and the UK and other 'states'.

Does anyone really suppose that China takes a different approach? or India, Pakistan, N. Korea? yeah, right!

Well, it’s not news to me.

I have been following this nuclear stuff all my life, I recall my family lookin' over bunker designs in the 70s, and that was in Ireland! We really did think about building one in West Cork where we lived at the time, as there are some US radio listening stations based there...

I also recall the 'fall' of the Berlin wall and all that talk of the 'peace' dividend, you know now that the cold war had 'ended', all that money that was being used to 'fight' the 'cold war' could be used for peaceful purposes. And we bought that idea, didn't we? Yes, we believed the newspapers. But to tell ya the truth, I do not recall ever having been informed that the nukes were actually ‘stood down’... did I miss that meeting?

What we do know for certain is that while the actual number of warheads has been reduced, the relative strength of those ‘fewer’ war heads has conversely actually increased….. to whit if ONE Trident Type Missile landed on London, London would VANISH, Woooooooooooooooosh! 20 million people vapourised in less time than it takes to say wooooooooooooooooooosh!.

Gone before the sound happened!

And the fall-out and subsequent fire-storm would incinerate all the home counties. At least.


There’s no underground bunker for you or me, is there? And not much for those in middle management positions of our much vaunted 'democratic' civilian infrastructure either, I'll bet.

The entire UK and most of Europe would be devastated forever. Not to mention what would occur elsewhere........... *shudders*

All of this one hair trigger away. It is that close.

In the 1970s this was called MAD.

Mutually Assured Destruction.

Which meant if one gos, we all go, so don’t go. ok? ok!

Nobody went for it.

There's been a few close calls..

Just a side note about 'deterrent'. The US State Military never had one.

The others all developed theirs to deter the US State from doing a Hiroshima.

Did you know that in the 1980s George Herbert Bush, father of George Walker Bush, told a reporter, on camera, that the US Government reckoned that there’d be enough American People (carefully selected American People) to survive (approx 200,000) such an ‘incident’ and continue...and that they (the chosen few) had a ‘good plan’ with a 'good chance' of it was ok to go for it, he said, if need be!

I have seen this reportage on film and it is real.

Rumsfeld, and the rest of those mad idiots who invaded Iraq to 'bring democracy and freedom' to the Iraqi people, were of course part of Bush Seniors Administration that came up with these mad scenarios of 'success'!

Too much bible studies if you ask me. Or a lousy childhood with very strange parents. Whatever it was, it's now clear that we are all threatened with extinction and that these utterly insane fools are unlikely to do anything to minimise that threat.

And as for Gordon "Trident Missile" Brown and his friends, well they are blatantly worse than useless, and are lining themselves up for some very lucrative part-time jobs once they've finished wrecking Iraq, Afhganistan and whatever other country is deemed 'evil'.

Not to mention what they will do to the United Kingdom over the coming years! They are hell-bent on privatising education, prisons, health-care and expanding nuclear power all at our expense and that's going to cost a hell of a lot..........

I tend to look at it like this : If you're a fatalist, or a religious nut, well you'll just keep on doing whateva, it really does not matter, but if you care, if your children matter to you at all, if you have any passion for life whatsoever then you'll WAKE UP, GET ACTIVE and you'll START TODAY! Surely?

my Depleted Uranium Song :

Babies Born


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