Thursday, 24 January 2008

Opening Gambit

Hello...... Corneilius here.......

starting a new online blog,

since my other blogs are at myspaz and facebonk and only users of those services can read/comment on them, so now it's time to open up a little to the rest of the weird wild world.

I feel the need, the urge to join hands.

Because we are in deep trouble my friends, deep deep doo-doo.

Oh yes indeedy.

So deep that it's almost laughable that we are so relaaaxed about it all.

I mean it's gotta be a very poor joke to be able to say that the 'most intelligent species on earth' is that close, a hair trigger away from annihilating itself, and everything else on planet Earth, and that risk factor is through potential stupidity as much than any other factor....

Apart from rampant cruelty, institutional avarice,  psychological insecurity and institutional psychopathology.

Oh I almost forgot  -  collective woundedness of entire populations and the understandable myopia of people living under an indoctrination of oppression.

All of which are the proud achievements of 'western civilisation'!

Who was it that said "Western Civilisation would be a good idea."

Not a funny joke, yet to accept it  as a given makes clear thinking appear to be the party pooper.

And all of it so avoidable, so unnecessary!

That's what gets me the most.

The utterly pointless unpleasantness of 'western civilisation'!

Where's the happiness, the joy, the nurturant background in all of this? huh?

Why are we so fearful?

I am. Most of us are, at some level.

Let us not deny it!

I cannot fool me, because I am one of us, I am just like you and I too have lived most of my wounded life corralled by fears, small and large, quivering and blubbering in the recesses of my mind, beneath the layers of distraction with which I amuse myself with......

Forgive me, but really I ought to be the one asking myself that question, not you.

I'd be very, very interested to hear what you find by way of answers to that question, yourself.

What we share will enrich us all, that is how nature works. Nature never hoards.

And that is, and will continue to be, the point of this particular blog, to share, to empower and to stimulate that research, so that each and everyone of us gets beyond those fears and gets active, assertively so, on behalf of all life, on behalf of the nurturant background of biological being-ness.


Because when my beautiful daughter emerged out of her mothers womb, two strong feelings struck me immediately.

The first was how utterly beautiful and full of love both she and her mother appeared and felt to me at that moment, a love that had less to do with me, and more to do with the gifted-ness of life itself. An immense planetary presence of love.

The second was how completely inadequate I felt in terms of providing a safe future for either of them. This was a combination of inexperience with the nature of birth and of death, underpinned by a sense of the impending annihilation that has pervaded my conscious life to some degree. I am of the Nuclear War means having a bunker in the garden in generation.

The first of these has pretty much stayed that way, as has the latter, sad to say.

How I wish I could today assure my daughter that she and her grandchildren will live lives of beauty, lives of joy, full lives, replete and joyous lives that nature has prepared them for, and that I did all I could to ensure that that nature was not at all interfered with, so that they could truly inherit this life as a gift.

And that is what drives my work to empower each of us so that those who would seek power over us fail at every step of the way. This is what drives my passion for understanding and working with nature, for nature is our life giver, and having given us this life, be assured that nature knows how to make it work - just take a look at the natural environment for it's diversity and richness - there is nothing a human being can even imagine doing that comes anywhere near that for beauty and skill!

And so with that thought, I banish my fear and stride into the light and say -

"OK! this stops now!" to all those whose behaviour threatens or harms the children of life.

Come and join me.

I could do with the company.

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It's a pleasure to stop by again. Just wanted you to know I have now linked to one of your creative sides (The Musician)