Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Heart and accurate percepttion!

The core of our 'power' or inteeligence is in our ability to cognitively preceive or observe what is happening around us through our heart. The heart has a nucleus of brain cells, linked directly to the brain, and experimants in percpetion have proven that the heart 'sees' before the brain does.

The heart is a 'device' that 'gets' whether something is appropriate or not, no confusion. This is the best way to describe the accuracy of nature, for all creatures have a similar percetive quality. Those who have been disconnected from that perception are those who experience confusion.

The system of Compulsory State Education is designed to thwart that accurate perception. The teaching of 'romantics' in literature is part of that process. The heart is 'sentimentalised' and then compared to the 'rationale' of science, and of course in terms of 'profit and loss' is found wanting.

Thus pop songs, sloppy movies and novels focus on attachment rather than unconditional positive regard (which is what love is) and so the youth, and others, are misdirected. That is why Mills and Boon exists, and is at the core of much of what is called New Age. The same dynamic exists in 'evangelism', and it's similars.

The core of thinking independently revolves around generating thought from within, not in rehashing the thoughts of others. The heart starts the process, the brain follows it through to it's logical conclusion.

I have a song on the heart, which I will be uploading very soon.

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