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Obama, War and the value of an MBA

I tend write as if I am correct in my understanding, and I do of course acknowledge that I am at best surmising the most clear picture I can from my own position, and that is bound to be incomplete. I would like to delve a bit deeper into my thinking and bounce it off you.

Death by War is closer to most than climate change.

I wrote about the 'immediate' threats we face, and I used the word 'immediate' because there are far too many people being murdered daily across this planet by the war machine (most of which is funded by ordinary people like you and I, in taxes, consumption of products etc etc which are taxed) - for them the threat is imminent. Our comfort does not make that threat any less imminent!

I am talking here about the generalised war on terror, the war on drugs and many other wars that are ongoing and from which the corporations of the world are deriving benefits.

Dealing with the causes of war is a core part. Those root causes are in my opinion generalised conditioning via state schooling, media and organised religion, the profit/greed and inhumane ideologies of the Corporation.

Resource wars due to 'over population' is a misnomer - they are mostly due to attempts by the neo-liberal ideology of globalisation (whether it is capitalist or otherwise - eg : china) to force indigenous self reliant peasants and similar others off land that is required for exploitation, and to thus create a vast workforce that is cheap and vulnerable. Who will at some time aspire to become comfortable middle class, once a generation of their children is exposed to media conditioning. More growth.

The culture of infinite expansion and economic growth is the direst of problems, yet it is not so much the population growth but the profit delivering consumer product growth that is eating the resources up. There is a surplus of food fit for humans on this earth even today, in spite of the millions dying for wnat of such food!

It is the non-recyclable nature of our production that is the issue - for example the idea that we can continue to manufacture more cars as long as they are fuel efficient is a red herring. Those cars must be made so that the recycling of them is completely integrated as part of the process. It is the damage caused by the fact of non-recyclable materials that is driving environmental degradation, and the loss of forests etc that is driving climate change, far more than the use of fossil fuels. Old cars must be recycled or reused with efficient fuels until that recycling has been sorted. Obama, of course, is ignoring this.

It's the economy, stupid! Not!

As for Obama's rise to power, of course the media are saying it is due to the economic turmoil, precisely because they want to; they have to denigrate and minimise the huge opposition to the wars and to the loss of civil liberties and to globalisation and privatiation and mask it's presence, in particular where it is strongest amongst the youth voters, the new voters in the Black, Hispanic and other communities, as well as those who have felt disenfranchised over the past 20 years and have stopped voting, yet returned as a result of community activism by Nader and others like him - those voters cast their votes with Obama rather than McCain as a vote of no confidence in Bush et al rather than direct support for Obama.

The economic turbulence was really crafted to take the wars off the election agenda - because if the wars had stayed firmly on the agenda two possibilities would have existed that the bankers etc wanted to avoid at all costs - any public discussion of these must always be terminated : the first is the legality of those wars being discussed in detail, the second being the inevitable call for the laws against war to be upheld which would lead to impeachment of not merely the leadership in the white house, but the prosecution of the CEOs and henchmen of JP Morgan, Halliburton, Blackwater, Lockheed Martin, BAe and so on..... all of whom are legally liable for war crimes in that they have directly supported these wars and have profited very from them.

By masking that group of new voters, by taking the war off the agenda, they can still hold onto the middle classes who really like to remain as myopic as possible - pretty much as they did in Nazi Germany - which is the danger of Middle class psychology; they like and are attached viscerally to their comfort and status - it forms part of their ego identity, which as you know is extremely defensive when threatened even in the slightest.

The value of an MBA

The middle classes are crucial because they are the line managers of the bureaucratic and corporate system - without them the system cannot operate. Without their support the system fails to carry out the orders issued, and worse than that these people can change the system from within if they awaken. That cannot and will not be allowed.

The use of black psychology as a core control tool is old, is deep and is intense. "Give me the boy, and I will give you the man!" Of course those who use such tools always back them up with a willingness to use force, and when neccessary to kill large numbers of people....Hiroshima, Cambodia, Fallujah....

The value of an acedemic examination to those who set it, is not in the ability to determine the knowledge of the person sitting the exam, but to determine the extent to which that person has changed their behaviour so that the system can reliably slot that person into the appropriate slot. That is what 'outcome based education ' is all about. That is the real value of an MBA. They know who will work for them and ignore the harm they do.

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