Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Obama Hope? Not without you!

Obama has won ..... so it would seem. However he alone cannot do much against the forces aligned against us all unless ALL OF US, AS THE PEOPLE wake up, get smart and START TO ACT as mature healthy adults.

That means engaging with each other in the work of building an equitable and natural society, one that nourishes it's constituents, be they human, animal or plant.

That also means helping those who are caught in the illusion of conditioning to free themselves from their bondage. We each of us must speak out, and fearlessly express the truths we know in our hearts about our humanity, our humane and visceral desire to love and to be loved with a simplicity and directness that is mirrored by the unwavering uncondionality of the suns energy and light as it reaches this beautiful Earth. Which is matched by natures unwavering provision of food, shelter and water to all her children.

We cannot leave it anymore to leaders to succeed or fail. Those days are gone or we are lost. We must do it for ourselves, for our families, for each other ... reaching across old divisions, old hatreds, old emnities .... seeing our diversity as a value as much as our commonality as humane beings living on an exquisitely balanced Earth that is a gift to all life.

Only that can shift the balance of power away from those who exercise it over others for their own agenda. Towards those who, recognising the innate equality of all life, prefer to share resources, share power that it might protect all of us, without fear or favour.

If WE THE PEOPLE do not rise up to this challenge, we will leave Obama, and all the hopes invested in him, out to dry in the deathly sun of dry selfishness, arid foolishness and infertile insanity. And if he does not make the effort required, if he is not strong enough or courageous enough, then we must be.

Do not ever rely upon a leader, nor blame them if YOU OR I do not take up the challenge of leading oneself, of healing what needs healing in ones own being or of nourishing life all around ourselves, whatever our circumstance.

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Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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corneilius said...

Hope, reality and compassion : Obamas MUST DO list!

Seems to me that here, as elsewhere, for many people, common sense has simply flown out of the window!

Regarding Obama, don't you recall that he has vigourously opposed impeachment of George Bush, Dick Cheny and others..... that is not a good sign, coming from a Havard trained lawyer.... though, hey it might be political strategy.....(maybe....)

Anyways, if Barack Obama is really to herald true change that impeachment and the following are the MINIMUM Obama must pull off very very soon to carry out the mandate of the huge wave of emotion and hope he rode to power on, for any of it to have any real meaning... (other wise 'tis just a bunch of deeply conditioned pavlovian people trying to assuage their individula and collective guilt, not so much for the victims but for their own selfish sense of self esteem - and that is really really ugly - getting hookwinked yet again by snake oil salesmen with guns!)


1. STOP the Iraq and Afghan wars immediately, stand down and then withdraw troops and foreign oil companies, contractors etc and allow the Iraqis the 'luxury' of holding Democratic Elections at local to national level like they did in September 2003 (those elections were annulled by Bremner, who then chose the new Government! Seems most people hwo read newspapers, watch BBC etc do not know this!!).

This would also allow the Iraqis to then use the funds from their Oil resources to rebuild their country. Which they are well capable of. Not to mention to help heal their truama, which is going to tke a generation at the very least. We are talking about 2 million maimed, many more traumatised. The dead are dead and thus they are beyond all healing.

2. Close down Guantanamo and all other sites like it, and rescind all the laws that made such places possible. End the use of torture. Dismantle Blackwater and other military operational contractors and prosecute all who have committed war crimes. Repeal all laws that removed Habaeus Corpus.

3. Stop all AID to Israel, and instead fund a resurgence of civil democracy and infrastructure in Palestinian lands.

4. STOP the current bank bail-out dead in it's tracks and re-negotiate and far stronger deal for the taxpayers, mortgagees and small businesses, if the taxpayers are to fund the bail-outs.

4. Force the Corporations to accept transparent lobbying, and ban them from political donations. He must also remove certain rights from corporations that denigrate human and civil rights of individuals.

All these are the bare minimum. I haven't yet started on the environment, farming, health care and Education, because to be frank and clear, THE WARS and all that they entail are by far the biggest immediate problem we are facing today.

Deal with that then the rest will be easier a) because it would require huge citizen action to carry out all of the above, and that would bind people at the grassroots level, forging citizen activism at the community and national level b) it would show the rest of the world that he and the US citizens truely mean business and are willing to co-operate, for the best interests of everyone concerned, not just Americans and their 'lifestyles'.

Obama and the American citizery would be greatly helped if we would also arrest and prosecute our own war criminals. The law is very clear, an amazingly simple, on this issue. Tony Balir and all in Government who supprted the war ARE legally war criminals.

http://www. makewarshistory. org. uk

for the full documentation on this, which most ordinary folk can read and comprehend.

And finally, lets compare the 'hope' some people in US/UK and elsewhere are currently overdosing on, with the 'hope' of a Palestinian/iraqi/Afgan child/mother/father for food, lighting, heating, healthcare and an end to the unceasing violence visited upon a largely innocent civilian population by an idustrialised military.
Which we the taxpayers are funding!

Now thats some hope indeed!

I have gone to some effort here and elsewhere to treat adults like adults, and I will not for one minute accept any sentimentality or wishy washy comments and will deal with those mercilessly.

Some of you might not like it, but you'd like it less if I was a US/UK Soldier bashing down your doors, dropping a bomb on your wedding or a US/UK Corporation stealing your land, assets etc etc - because that is what this all boils down to - are we willing to face that horrendous reality and do what it takes, collectively and as individuals, to sort it out or are we just looking for ways to cover our lever so smooth lily white arses?

As they saying goes, Silence is compliance when we KNOW what is going