Sunday, 26 September 2010

Activism, truth and response ability

There is a world of difference between responsibility, the burden, and response ability, the ability to respond appropriately to whatever is in our environment.

It is absolutely VITALthat those who claim to work for change, engage in critical analysis of known facts regarding the culture of abuse into which we are all born into.

This analysis must include a personal investigation onto one's own internalised experiences of abuse (which is a wide spectrum of behaviours ranging from the subtle to the gross) , and internalised assumptions of that culture, to be carried out with ruthless honesty, so as to excise those ASSUMED BELIEFS that are part of the internalisation dynamic.

The REASON for this, apart from being vital to one's own recovery, is that whilst facts remain, beliefs may and do change; and in so doing, may well leave those for whom one is claiming to work for out to dry.....

It's hardly worth mentioning that belief functions as a means to mask the unknown or to distract or condition people.

No activist worthy of the name can afford to allow that to happen.

As Chomsky points out, and indeed demonstrates, the activist must be fully and completely committed to the truth, and nothing else.

I do understand the anger that arises when folks begin to explore the reality of the Dominant Culture. I do understand the frustration and fear that arises as a result.

However, given the response ability of the each of us, the work of truth is of paramount importance and cannot be set aside for personal reasons. 

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