Sunday, 19 September 2010

Surrealism in London..... September 19 2010..

On Saturday I went to Whitehall/ Downing Street to wait for Protest The Pope Rally to arrive, having become bored at being held up as we left Hyde Park. I was wondering what the reason fro the delay was.

I was outside Downing Street for about an hour or so, and I heard the sound of drums and see a few flags waving.... "they're here at last!" and notice something odd: I had seen those banners before, but not at Hyde Park (i had left because the rally had been held back by Police for nearly an hour...)

... and the music began to sound rather Miltary Marching music..... and then I got it....

A Loyalist Rally to the Cenotaph..... rather odd, I thought... are the Police and Government trying to cut costs and do 2 rallies for the policing price of 1?

Sitting on the wall I was flabbergasted as I watched these hard looking men (understandably, given what they and their opposites have been through... as it is in all violent conflicts..) with grim set faces, the musicians in Uniform, the men behind them in Black, with those banners cross their shoulders, and a few Military Uniforms here and there.... the Orange Marching Music and attitude on this fine sunny day?

Are they Protesting the Pope too? Yikes! Strange Bedfellows indeed!

But no, they were not and in fact were at pains to make that clear..

Really? Would that not have been the obvious thing, for them of all people, to do? They dislike Papists, no??

Apparently not....

Seems they like whoever oppresses Irish from the Republic, be it themselves or the Pope, be it adults or children who are the victimised.

Their Loyalty, indeed, goes deep. As deep as their animosity! The Pope is NOT that important to them after all! As a target of their ire or source of their distress. Papists, a term oft used, rendered meaningless.

This world is indeed weird.

The Loyalist Rally was quickly followed by born again Christian attacking The Vatican and Homosexuality and Science (Evolution Theory) with a rather loud portable sound system. Met with incredulity and derision by those who had assembled to wait for the main rally to arrive, which was imminent.

The nutjob cracked on for about 12 minutes or so. 

No Police moved to search him as far as I could see. Did he have a licence to 'demonstrate'? Probably....

His utterances were quite vile.

a weirdly dressed Christian, a Herald of some kind... kinky boots!
are those boots kinky or what? He's a Catholic, a Herald of some sort....

The rally arrived and a feeling of 'normality' returned. As to what kind of normality can be thus described boggles the mind. The speakers barely touched on the issues, and most seemed unaware of the detail behind the story of survivors. 

This world of the dominant culture is REALLY WEIRD!!

Like totally!

Get me outta here, I am a natural!

Except I can't. I am here and have to deal with this mess... I'm a parent.

The Tribunal Summons Kevin Annett and Lydia White Calf intend serving on the Pope...

This is where we are headed......  we can make it so REAL!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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