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Christ, Empathy and Society

The Christ, from what few references we have, appeared to be a deeply empathic person. Those qualities are not his alone, but the qualities of a naturally empathic human being, the kind that lived for many hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions of years in a sustainable and relatively stable condition. 

Whilst Christ can be suggested as a role model in this, (though it must be said that to do this would necessitate the omission of, or critical analysis of, the entire old testament, which is essentially a document on Monolithic Power and how to manage Power Relationships to retain Power, violently and otherwise, and contains a specified torture manual to boot! ...and most of the new testament, apart from those few stories concerning the Christ's actions, being as actions speak louder than words - think of the trees saved by this one simple shift in paradigm!)  he can not be held as the SOURCE of Empathy.

It is absolutely clear, to both Science and Mothers, that appropriate child-mother bonding and environmental conditions (such as being part of a day to day community, with full access to nature as a place of exploration and learning, optimum nutrition, intimacy, trust, respect and so on) are ESSENTIAL for the development of the empathetic neurology and natural sensitivity of the new born.

Any deprivation of any of these essentials leads directly to stressed physiology, an altered neurology and a consequent psychological dysfunction as an emergent quality of any given society, and when codified, becomes Institutionalised as we see throughout the Dominant Culture.

Thus, with regards our biologically determined empathy, when the appropriate nurturant environment in place, there is no need for an historical role model, or an external role model, for the parents and community will assuredly provide that confirmation of the internal, intrinsic empathy emerging from within the child, naturally.

This is extremely important.

For example, the lack of empathy inherent in The Missionary Position; to look upon another human being as being inferior to the point of being sub-human and to offer to ‘convert’ that person with the caveat that if conversion is not possible, then extermination is inevitable and justified by Biblical Dictat is so utterly devoid of empathy that it’s a feat of deep, almost supernatural denial that stretches the concept of Charity completely out of shape, and creates a monstrosity steeped in blood and misery.

The lack of empathy inherent in the religious induction of infants into a faith and binding those children to a psychological and spiritual contract they cannot possibly consent to, with the caveat that the child is already a sinner, already condemned, and that this is communicated at the earliest possible moment, consistently re-enforced by what are, in effect and intent, behaviour modification techniques of a Pavlovian Skinnerist perspective. Though it has to be said that the practices of Pavlov and Skinner were long extent by the time those two fools existed. Indeed they are prime examples of the lack of empathy in action.

The lack of empathy inherent in Dominance and Empire; the Dominance of the Christian/Judeo/Muslim Human Being over the Earth and all that dwell within her; the Empire of God open only to those who qualify, Eternal Torture for those who fail.

The lack of empathy that blames the poor for being poor by categorising them as being in Gods disfavour, and them treating them as a charity case, and doing NOTHING to alter the fundamental inequities of the distribution of the materials that nurture life of which Poverty is a symptom.

The lack of empathy inherent in the Vatican’s response to the unveiling of massive abuse of children in Institutions operated by Clergy, often on behalf of the State, dating back centuries and ongoing even as I

The lack of empathy demonstrated by so many adherents of Faith, that amounts to a declaration of war against all who do not share that Faith. The so-called battle or struggle between Good and Evil.

Let it be said here too, that a lack of empathy is not merely an issue for religion, but for our entire Society.

It permeates Economics, Psychiatry, Commerce, Education, Health Care, Food production and much else besides.

I submit, for your perusal, a useful document that outlines the characteristics that emerge in variant societies, where nurturing is either present or absent.

Take a good look at these characteristics and again at the Society you were born into, that you had to adapt to.....

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