Friday, 17 September 2010

Letter of Complaint to the BBC re: Coverage of Pope's Visit.

I write to the BBC to complain about the coverage of the Pope’s ‘State’ visit to the UK.

The Pope was on the Committee, in 1962, that wrote the document, that odious directive Crimens Soliticitalis, that demanded that all cases of allegations of child abuse made against priests be controlled by The Vatican and handled as an internal matter.He later became head of the Congregation of The Faith, and as such, administered that ‘policy’ for over 25 years.

That ‘policy’ included intimidation of victims and survivors and those who supported their allegations, including State Prosecutors in many countries.

This amounts to an intentional obstruction of justice and absolutely undermines ANY claim to Holiness or Empathy that The Vatican has ever made.

To this day he defends that Policy, and worse, The Vatican provides moral and financial support to many proven Pedophiles, Bullies, and others who beat children, who humiliated children, who engaged in what amount to protracted psychological torture.

It was The Vatican, under Pope Adrian, the only English Pope, that authorised Henry II to invade and conquer Ireland, under the Pabal Bull Laudibiliter.

This became the ‘legal’ template for the European Colonisation of North America, Australia, Africa and South East Asia that ensued and lasted for nearly 500 years.

To this day The Vatican has not apologised for ANY of these crimes against humanity.

The BBC has not given equal coverage to the recent disclosures of the widespread, endemic abuse of children that has ruined the lives of many millions of children.The BBC has not given any coverage to survivors of these abuses.

The coverage of The Popes visit and of the crimes described above that the BBC is currently engaged in is shameful and amounts to complicity in the continued cover-up of these crimes.

The BBC has become a propaganda arm of The Vatican, and in doing so has demeaned itself, caused harm to all survivors of Church abuse and offended the principles upon which the BBC claims to stand: that of fairness, and lack of bias.

The BBC's bias is clearly set against survivors of Church abuse.

Kindest regards


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Peter Reynolds said...

Thank you for your comment on my site on the article about Jim Starr.

I was astounded to see this post and have to share the following with you:

corneilius said...

Thanks Jim...

I am glad that there are some people who are engaged in looking honestly at the wide range of Istitutional abuse the permeates our vaunted 'christian, pluralist society'...

The treatment that Jim Starr has endured, at the hands of the police, is in and of itself a crime.

For my readers, here's Peter's article on this :

Peter Reynolds said...

I am complaining to the BBC about this same subject.

Do you want to co-operate?