Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Reality check : abuse is systemic in Institutional Power.

This has to be said : the issue of abuse of power, especially the abuse of vulnerable people who have little voice or ability to counter the behaviour of Power is linked to the struggle for a decent, empathic society across a range of areas, from politics, to environment to psychological indoctrination to religion.

I see no critical difference between the abuse of children by pedophiles and the abuse of Iraqi and Afghan people as perpetrated by Tony Blair and George Bush et al. Or the abuse of disabled people, which as led to an extra 73 deaths per week, as perpetrated by George Osborne and David Cameron, and by extension, the Civil Service. Institutional Power is mediated by people and cannot abuse without the participation and direct compliance of those people.

In truth the 'system' we were born into is the same dynamic as an abuse family... the abuser, the abused, the scapegoat, the rebel, the cast outs, the appeasers and those who ignore what is going on, who keep their heads down, etc all appear in these situations..

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