Thursday, 4 October 2012

The meaning of Free Speech is not to be able to blurt out any old twaddle.

The issue of free speech is about enabling a fullest disclosure of all the facts related to any matter so that a critical analysis is possible. Critical analysis reveals that ordinary folk get hurt by how Power operates. People are hurt and
abused on ALL SIDES of War. THAT is the real issue here. Those who refuse a critical analysis, enable War.

I don't believe that the Jewish people as a group of people are behind this,(see Daniel below et al) but I do sense that Power has always used Religious devices to divide people, to mask their true intent.

Nor do I believe that Islam per se is a threat, any more than Christianity is a threat, or Judaism is a threat, or the spiritual practices of America's Aboriginal or Australian Aboriginal peoples peoples is a threat.

These are faiths, and on the personal level can be a guide in life.

Yet when they are allied with Power, they all become something different. It has to be said, based on the evidence, that Spiritual Ideologies that surpress the truth, even if it is accidental, can be a threat when they have access to Power.

In the 21st Century, when we know enough about children's psychological development, especially from birth and infancy onwards, when we know biologically mandated empathy requires a suitable nurturant environment for it's fullest expression, when we know so much more than the school texts provide on our collective histories, there is NO EXCUSE for the kinds of behaviour Power perpetrates in it's own agenda of retaining power.

Likewise, once the data - the outcome of true FREE SPEECH - has been presented to a person, they must address it or they are part of the problem.

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