Thursday, 28 March 2013

Civilisation and Children. Our Future, Our present and our past.

The patterns of behaviour, of manipulation and warped logic of Governments and other Institutions that hold Power, the story of how Governments et al behave towards so many billions of people appear similar to the patterns of behaviour, manipulation and logic of violent, abusive or neglectful and powerful parents of other primary carers in their actions towards children. Parental abuse. The outcomes are similar. The diagnosis would also follow similar lines in both cases.

The difference is a matter of scale, The 'economics' of scale means natural organisms and all living processes pay the price. Nature is not an economy.

I think the Civilisation I was born into is an expression of that experience, of children as objects to be moulded, worker, of growing up around a spectrum of Adult behaviour that is demanding, dynamic, overpowering, indoctrinating, confusing and often dangerous, an experience which happens for so many of us as babies, infants, toddlers and into childhood and that to change, to aletr that Civilisation, I feel the need to prioritise dealing with what happens for our infants so that their experience meets all the natural cues for empathy, connection, self awareness, acceptance that our biology mandates. As a matter of world peace. Amongst other matters.

Abuse is not nature's major driving force for sure. And it's not what babies are expecting. It need not be the driving force for Civilisation.

The mainstream is 20 years behind the Scientific and common sense literature that shows exactly how the biological mandate is disrupted, what it's affects are, what the behavioural outcomes tend to be and, importantly, how to avoid all that disruption and heal or alleviate the adverse affects of any disruption where possible, by supporting the biological mandate.

This makes financial sense, as well as moral and ethical sense, for us all. Current estimates are that for every £10 spent in supporting the biological mandate the State or Society would save £60 from not having to deal with the outcomes of disruption within one generation. Saving that cost year on year, freeing up more than the cash, freeing the people from the biologically disruptive practices.

The disruptions the research has revealed are mostly standard practices in child rearing across the English speaking world, eg: letting 'babies cry it out'  to force them to sleep on their own, etc and Religious and  Institutional Indoctrination or part inherited Puritan/Victorian dogma that went global or part consumerist propaganda, regarding treatment of children in one form or another, plus on top of all that, the very serious harmful abuse and other more intense life situations. They are part of a spectrum.

"The Psychology of any given Society, Community, Family or group is both revealed and perpetuated in how that population relates to and treats children."

We will not help parents change by blaming them, punishing them. We can only help in this matter if we support and encourage the biological mandate towards empathy.

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