Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Referendum on 'Austerity' and the implementation of cuts to social welfare programs as they stand

I have initiated a petition to hold a referendum, to give the entire people of the UK a Ggenuinely democratic opportunity to decide for ourselves whether or not the cuts being imposed, and the rationale under which they are being presented, has any standing as a fully democratic mandate.

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Hold a UK wide referendum on to ask if the people of the UK accept the basis of, and implementation of 'Austerity' as it stands.


"The term 'Austerity' is being used to generic label for a series of legislative actions and policy implementations that are causing avoidable harms to real people's lived experience.

From the closure of the Independent Living Fund, to privatisation of probabtion services, ideological interventions in Education, privatisation of our National Health Services, the sale of national long term National properties and resources for short term cash, the privatisation of security based public bodies, the reduction in humane public services provided by well trained, well paid professionals being replaced by for profit companies,  and much else besides, is causing socially unacceptable harms across our Society.

The rationale of these actions and policy implementations appear to be based on a misrepresentation of the situation with regard to Government use of the collective shared resource of taxation, and National Debt and an operating deficit.

The Government that is implementing these policies, taking these actions and that is actively ignoring or denying the harms being caused, does not have a majority mandate within the electorate for 'Austerity' as it is being IMPOSED on the many of the most vulnerable people within the population of the UK, and having been less than forthcoming as to any detail as to what these 'cuts' would entail in practice, whilst assuredly knowing those details, for such matters are scoped out planned many, many months in advance, have not acted in good faith, and with a large segment of society protesting on our streets, online, in conversations at home and elsewhere there is an acute need to now ask the UK's people the question posed above, and to have us, the people provide the answer.

For that is the true nature of Democracy, as the Greek people have just demonstrated. 

Now we demand that the Government become obedient to British, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Democracy, the voices of the people, possibly for the very first time, and cease to play ideological power politics with our lives and our shared contributory resources, our taxes, and our most humane aspirations.

Hold a UK wide referendum on to ask if the people of the UK accept the basis of, and implementation of 'Austerity' as it stands."

Petition link here: Petition

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