Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Dalai Lama, Glastonbury, Greece and the Oligarchies - an historical over view

International politics is way, way, way dirtier than most people understand.... it's violent, it's bloody, 'my enemies enemy is my friend' is the core ethic, as alliances are formed in back room meetings with the most odious characters, and they will abuse anyone and anything in any way to get their way, and the Greater Powers devote a lot of time to manipulating the smaller powers, to intervene in national and local politics....

There is a thread of extreme violence, of murder and torture gangs operating on behalf of the British and American Governments, on the pay roll of these 'elected, democratic' Governments, stretching from the Boer war's infamous concentration camps and counter insurgency, through WWI in Russia, and onto Northern Ireland's 'b' and 'c' specials in the 20s, to the slaughter of Greek nationalists by British forces who deployed and fought alongside Nazi collaborators after the Nazi's left Greece, to Kenya and the Mau Mau 'experience' and counter insurgency, to the use of the same tactics in Vietnam, Indonesia, Equador, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Angola, Congo, and in Northern Ireland during the recent 'troubles', in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria to this day.

One the the key tools in their toolkit is the instigation and escalation of Lateral Violence, where people under an oppressive regime who feel relatively powerless to alter the situation lash out at others on their own level, in their frustration and carefully inculcated misunderdstanding of the true situation.

Lateral Violence has both a brutal physically violent aspect and a bureaucratic aspect, as the DWP well knows. The adverse behaviour of stressed frontline staff towards disabled, poor and other vulnerable groups is part of this dynamic.

The violence of the BNP/EDL is always targeted at other vulnerable groups, and never at the political power system that is creating the poverty, deprivation that the people who populate such groups are experiencing, for which they blame the immigrants, asylum seekers etc...

The executive branches are all involved in this. Up to their noses in blood. They are not bothered by the stench of death. Their denials roll off their tongues, honeyed by the Official Secrets Act... and other legal instruments that protect them.

So the Dalai Lama has to do what he does - he knows the game.

He is an international traveling salesman, and the product is 'West is good, China is bad, please Free Tibet.'

Publicly he has retired the traditional Dalai Lama position of Political leader of Tibetan people, albeit in exile..

A political position of RULE that has existed since the 5th Dalai Lama, who was as ruthless as George Bush or Genghis Khan. As political RULERS apparently have to be.

Why has he done this? What has changed?

He remains part of the spiritual hierarchy. Fair enough. He talks about a new secularism that accepts the equal validity of all religions, with a hint that Religion ought to stand away from power politics.

However he claims that the violence we see around the world is religious in nature, that it confounds the central tenets of those religions..... when he knows for sure - from direct experience of the Chinese invasion of Tibet, that the violence is always, always about political and commercial power interests competing with each other, quite unrestrained by table manners, in similar fashion to the behaviour of Jackals, Hyenas and Vultures jockeying for prime position at the remains of a corpse of a Wildebeest killed by a Lioness, with David Attenborough fawning over them.

Except that that analogy is unfair to the animals involved, for that these human beings are doing, they do to their own kind.

Intraspecies Predators. Attenborough's fawning 'interview' with Obama was one of the most revealing and disgusting pieces he has ever done. It says more about him, and his class, than the rest of his career.

International Fight Club. Whose first rule is ..... don't talk about International Fight Club. Which is why they hate (and fear) John Pilger, Noam Chomsky et al.

Future political leaders of Tibetan Buddhists may well be secular. That remains to be seen.

And all those of us who HOPE that the executive  level of international politics will change because compassionate charismatic leaders associate with them, that the compassion will rub off on them, are deluded: because unless we, the people,  also take up the confrontation of our own national executives and remove the oligarchies through democratic means, the oligarchs will remain in power. Violence is their area of expertise, and they have NEVER been removed by violence.

And so we, the people, must replace them. and that requires grass roots political organisation that is robust and dedicated to the task and absolutely honest about the situation.

That is what The Power Inquiry was all about. Grass roots political organisation without a hierarchy or executive instructing the grass roots, rather a grass roots informing and instructing itself in political solidarity, through genuinely matured participative Democracy.

And we will still have to deal with  the gangsters, the men of violence. They will not be going away anytime soon.

That's just the bog standard reality, the basic truth here.

The Dalai Lama knows this.

He knows, but does not dare say anything.

Which is WHY he was so .... 'compassionate' towards George Bush, the war criminal, at their shared birthday party.

His comments about education were probably the most radical thing he said in Glastonbury 2015.

Any educational process that strengthens the heart and the mind is probably the core essential in resistance.

In Greece, that education has been largely self education, as the youth accessed the worlds database for themselves over the past 15 years, and fully understand how the IMF fits into this picture of international Power Politics, of bullying and coercion, corruption and graft, bearing in mind that there are still many elders who lived through the British repression of Greek Nationalists after the Nazis left Greece,who saw how the British treated them and how they installed a monarchy and a capitalist elite oligarchy as the new Government. People who are a living witness to the realities of International Politics.

And they are well organised, and they understand that the men of violence must be confronted, by removing the oligarchy through democratic processes. And remember, we must be extra vigilant when it comes to Lateral Violence, which I mentioned earlier.

That same task is what is facing the people of England. It faces me every day.

I cannot avoid it if I am to take my responsibilities towards my grand children, and their children beyond them seriously. No truly mature adult can avoid this task.

Can you?

Kindest regards


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