Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Popes Global PR Tour. Words and action.

Activists for any number of 'causes' are taking comfort in the words of Pope Francis.

Memes are proliferating across the interwebs.


Survivors around the Earth are not taking comfort in Pope Francis's words, nor are they impressed by the actions of The Vatican. The same can be said of survivors advocates, lawers, physicians, psychotherapists and close friends.

Actions speak louder than words.

The action that Survivors, survivors advocates, lawers and transcenders and humane decency require is that the Vatican hands over all it's documentation on clerics who have sexually assaulted, bullied, abused harmed defenceless children: from the initial allegations, through to investigations and the response of the Catholic Hierarchy and it's officials acting under it's umbrella in their dealings withe Survivors.

That, and that alone is the missing element in the world wide process of Survivors seeking justice, resolution and probity with regard to their cases. And those that are taking their cases forward are a minority of the total caseload.

Some say this refusal to open up is partly a matter of the Vatican's finances.

Wealth hoarded, concentrated or sequestered is wealth taken away from the wider community.

All wealth is generated from within the community at large. Including the massive wealth of The Vatican and national church organisations.

It is not generated by individuals who are billionaires etc, no matter how the big the egos of celebrity 'entrepreneurs', politicians and fawning pundits waffle on about their 'wealth generation'.

There are people who capitalise on the cheapened labour and the taxes of the grass roots, and they take a bigger share than they need or deserve, and they do not 'create' it. The workers create it, and the shoppers create it, and that service users create it.

The fact is that great wealth has nothing to do with greed; it's a political utilitarian device that enables Political Power to exercise itself over people, in that so called 'economic decisions made by Governments are political, ideological rather than economics based on evidence, and such decision making exists in order to enhance, protect and project political onto others, the electorate and their children, who are seen as objects rather than human beings, with real feelings and experiences that matter.

Private Military Contractors do not come cheap.

The behaviour of The Vatican and The Irish Government towards both predatory clerics, and survivors, and the ECB in relation to Greece, and the DWP in relation to job seekers, disabled people and other vulnerable groups, amongst many others, makes this abundantly clear.

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