Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Basic Human Optimal Biological Health. and Trolls.

Basic Human Optimal Biological Health.

When one looks into modern endocrinology, for example, which can now describe the differences between a healthy functioning endocrine system and one that has suffered shock or is dysfunctional in some manner and plot a correlation with the health of the individual,we begin to see something else as well.

This evidence suggests that a healthy state of empathic, autonomous, connected extended family into community relationship is the base line of optimal human biological health.

That is when the hormonal cascading within the human being is working at its optimal state. The specific chemical interactions, messaging, outcomes of healthy functioning are known.

This basically happy state is the baseline of optimal human biological health, for another reason : it contains within that the ability to deal with sudden shocks, occasional illnesses, accidents and direct threats in productive, creative and healing ways. We live in a dynamic bio-space, the surface of Earth.We are elastic, we must flow with regard to those dynamics, or we make life more difficult and more complicated for ourselves.

Conditions are always, always, moving.

There has to be room for mood variation, for sadness and anger, rage and fear.

What we find is that space, that recovery ability is much reduced if stressors become chronic, unending, inevitable. Then we see the breakdown of endocrine system function, along with a host of other symptoms.

In other words we are already perfectly adapted for Peace, and like all organisms, we need a nurturant environment as Mothers, infants and children to develop those qualities through experience, into adulthood.

We are not adapted for chronic stress. I think that is made rather obvious by the massive size of the NHS and the relative health of our Society, both physically and psychologically.

Indeed there are no organisms that we know of that are adapted TO chronic stress.

Trolls in the Public Domain  - a healthy approach to a common problem.

Be it muslim people, christians, jews, germans, disabled on benefits, unemployed, out of favour foreign leaders or attention seeking celebrities, facists, anti-facists, conspiracy theorists, covert agents, or mad, angry, frustrated, desperate people, when ad hominems are deployed in the media, it's a mirror of 19th Public School Boy behaviour, hazing, joshing with intent, pecking orders, corporal punishment for the mind, etc ......

And with actual military power in the hands of the Governing bullies, (political realism does not forget that aspect of power) that makes things a little more complicated. 

For everybody. It's a bio-psyche-social issue.

When trolling infiltrates political and policy discussions,matters of ethics, war and corruption, everybody loses. We are all dehumanised by trolling  it is nasty, agressive, disturbing behaviour and profoundly immature.


Trolling is a form of bullying, it is a tactic of intentional emotional abuse and it is ultimately a weakness..  one has to understands that, and utilise it.

When there is no viable substance to the ad hominems, no mention or rational discussion of the policies, the principles, the ethics or the corruption. Just the insult. That is all useless information. The only information contained in such assaults is that the writer is a bully.

That's ALL it is.

And how best to deal with trolls? How do you undermine the bully?

This is my take on this. This is how I say 'No!'. and how I try to turn it onto a 'Yes!'.

I ignore the insult and treat it as a bit of information; depersonalise it. I do not let it get to me. It's all in the bullies head. All over his keyboard.

Then, I respond if I wish to engage, and use the incident by identifying the bullying as such, point out that  it is a known and rather obvious tactic that to maintain a false narrative in the face of facts by disrupting a discussion and initiating or antagonising an aggressive argument to derail the discussion. I then dismiss that as immature behaviour, in polite terms, of course.

"It ain't working, Buddy! These fish are not biting on that bait!"

... and then I attempt to reframe the narrative, articulate the policy, the principle, the ethic in the context of all the evidence available, and bring it back on subject, and suggest the resolution of the matter.

And I ensure that I keep each expression as clear as I can, irrespective of the reaction.

It's never just the few who are writing, it's all those who also read, and observe the discourse.

Amongst the readers who read that will be some who are on the edge of understanding and who will learn from this. Others will find reassurance. Some will be enlightened.

That way I USE the troll to clarify the issue, in public, for the benefit of all. Call it performance art, call it a waste of time, call it what you will.

I do it without reacting to the insult, or being drained by it.

I learned the hard way, slowly.

I aspire to do it with an optimally functioning endocrine system, to do it with LOVE!

And it doesn't always work.

We must lead.

We have to lead.

We have to become the directors of Government, local and national, by doing both we become truly international. 

I call for The Resolution. 

Not a revolution, not a repetition of a cycle from a fixed point. A resolution of the problems that are resolvable, that are problems in human relationships, that are subject to choice, volition - these are all resolvable matters.

I pray for the healthy resolution of conflict, pollution, corruption, bullying. That is where I am headed. A healthy humane society. We have been there before and it was good. We have it in us.

And when I write the word 'we', I am thinking of many cultures, languages, accents, shades and this includes all the decent people, whatever our belief systems and experiences are, we are good people who can work across diversity to find the common humanity in all matters, and we must engage .... the genuine lovers of life must unite as a Governing force. It's a miracle that we still retain that immense humanity in the face of what we are born into, what we are presented with.

Let's use that miracle.

From the grassroots, from the bacterial populations within our guts that make our lives possible, from the deepest of our humanity, the bottom of what you might call my soul, as a biological species standing for itself.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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