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Remember, Remember the 5th and 11th of November.

Remember, remember the 5th of November, then Remembrance Sunday ...

The theme of violence and the State's appropriation of 'our violence is a patriotic and civilising violence' and therefore moral, whereas the violence of 'our enemies' is always barbaric, primitive, dysfunctional and amoral.

What history tells us is that when a movement emerges within any population that seeks to strike parity between the State and the Grass roots of society, the poor, the vulnerable, the working for a living, the State introduces and escalates violence on all sides...

In Northern Ireland, the Civil Rights movement was less a Catholic or Independence phenomenon than it was a civil rights awareness phenomenon that emerged as a direct result of the Civil Rights movements in the US, from African Americans to Women and Children's rights.... a matter of common decency and humane respect.

The State perceived this as a threat, rather than the healing it was offering.

The UK State infiltrated violent militia on all sides, and it's agents escalated the violence, and this put the matter of Civil Rights to one side, and allowed the UK State to alter the discourse, to make it about Irish Nationalism vs Unionism.... that was a strategic tactic.

It was already in practice in Yemen, in Korea and Vietnam, in the Philippines and many South American countries, in Africa and Australia and Canada, in Russia and China, across the Middle East.

Remember, remember.

So remember, remember the realities - that State violence, in the competing powers perspective, is the primary source of warfare, of trauma, of inter-generational psychological and emotional dysfunction and the preservation of mass poverty (war impoverishes all but the makers of the tools of war).

The State (Established Power) as we know it is altering the climate of human relationships in the most adverse ways, and has been doing so for thousands of years... that 'competition' is psychopathic, is a pathology, an illness, a self inflicted disease state.

I'd like to see THAT climate change addressed as part of the issue of 'Climate Change'. - I think that success in the former would help the latter, whereas failure in the former ensures the latter will not be dealt with.

Remember, remember ....  Think, question, analyse, reflect and grow. Or not.


Heroes? The troops?

I would not call them heroes.

1. They trained to be that way - cool under fire, so they can better protect each other, and be able to kill the enemy. Iraq was not a matter of defence, it was a matter of offence.

2. Calling them heroic is part of how the conditioning, the acceptance of military violence is maintained. It masks the reality of applied organised violence. It papers over the reality of shredded limbs, displaced peoples, torture, rape, poison, mass destruction, industrialised killing, indoctrination and bullying, which is what war really is.

3. They never use the word themselves, and not out of humility - rather they know what violence is like, and that it is not heroic.

They are human beings who have been conditioned, lied to, manipulated and placed in harms way.

To truly support them, we have to break the spell The State/Established Power casts over it's violence.

And that means honesty, truth, the evidence over opinion, ideology and spin.


For me, this is the issue : the matter of the prevention of the creation of yet more veterans. It matters more now than ever, in as much as the past few decades we have allowed the Government of the UK to initiate and escalate wars and violence across the Middle East.

Whilst preciously little effort was put into prevention, or conflict resolution.

The logic of Powers competing for Hegemony and access to 'resources' still dominates politics.

This is INSANE, it is pathological and as we see, lethal.

How can it stand?

The hypocrisy is rank, the stench of dying by violence is blanked out, and we are opiated, sedated and disempowered intentionally ... so that the supply of potential candidates for combat veteranship is maintained.

Wear a Poppy. And if you mean it, then act to stop your Government from using War as a policy enforcement tool. And stop private companies from making profits from war.

I don't celebrate Hallowe'en in such fashion as is current 'fashionable' : it is largely a post-Celtic Christianised bastardised version of much older shamanic practices, where the practice was to engage with and feel a part of and honour the ancestry, that long, long line of experience and living, a line of nurturing experience within which in the older egalitarian societies placed themselves in their present and looked to how they could nurture the futures ahead of them, as their ancestors did. To draw on that wisdom.

Fully conscious. Fully present. Fully mature.

The post-Celtic Christianised bastardised version revolves around the gorgoyle, the fear of the dead, the fear of 'bad spirits' and bears no sense of one's responsibility to the future, nor does it carry forwards the example of the past as a role model.

It's shite, trite and painfully insulting to the ancestry and the future children....

The Celts were violent hierarchies, just as the Romans were, so the transition was all too easy an assimilation.

I have practiced the call to the ancestry, the call to the future, to place myself fully in the present, and have been practicing this for over 2 decades.

I am a bag of bacteria, an aboriginal humane being and I reject the culture of the bully in every aspect, and I embrace the culture of nurture because it is that culture that creates the very possibility of a life of great beauty without the need for 'additives' or luxuries, power or grandiose monuments.


This is another reason I experience deep distaste, a disgust with the various War Dead Remembrance Ceremonies of the 'good and the great', the pomp and circumstance, and the political abuse of people's genuine concern for the dead, the maimed, the refugees, the sufferings of war.

For all we claim, we have done nothing to undermine the Governments willingness to use War as a policy enforcement tool. Successive Governments have piled more dead upon dead, created yet more refugees, maimed and traumatised countless innocent, beautiful human souls and destroyed the shared resources of many varied and functional living communities, rendering them un-inhabitable.

They are disgusting, cruel hypocrites.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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