Thursday, 5 November 2015

Peace, Poppies and Honesty,


There can be no peace, no equality without empathy. Empathy for the children, the mothers, the fathers, the civilians who are forced to flee for their lives.

Empathy for those children whose best option appears to them to be to enlist in a State Military or a street gang, or a terrorist militia....

And empathy as a means to understanding the mind of that kind of power that rules, the social conditioning of that power that rules rather than governs. That too.

What I mean is that we must develop an accurate, evidence based understanding of those who bully, who abuse their power and we must understand their psychology and their techniques

Know the mind of those who would call YOU an enemy of the State because you desire and aspire towards a State that nurtures peace, community, egalitarianism, justice and kindness.

The Poppy

The people who wear the Poppy and hold Power.... are not the same as the people who wear poppies to commemorate and remember those who died of State induced Violence, out of sadness and regret, but are similar to those who celebrate the 'victory' of War, the 'sacrifice' of millions of people, the 'freedom won' .... because they have been taught to think that the myth of being slaughtered 'for freedom' is heroic, that it was a freely entered into choice of those who were slaughtered.

It was not.

No civilian population ever chose war against other civilians. The majority of troops did not choose war. A majority were conscripts, in one way or another because it is always the leaders, the political power players who chose war. They chose but do not participate, do not venture near any danger, do not share the burden of blood, guts, tears.

We ordinary folk are and were subjected to intense social conditioning designed to serve the needs of Power above all else, and so we bought and are buying the lies, we fought and died, and we will will continue to do so, and it was and is all needless waste, 100% avoidable and it is all predatory abuse.

The troops followed orders that were and are insanely incompetent. The troops in Afghanistan followed orders that were insanely incompetent. There is ample evidence of this.

The Poppy as a symbol was first used to commemorate the lives lost, to accentuate the needlessness of such mass death by violence, to urge a move away from such massive slaughter of both troops and civilians.... but it has been co-opted.

Our political leaders are intent on grooming us, on manipulating information and situations so that they can pursue war as a policy tool. Bearing in mind that there is a massive industry that makes immense profits from that slaughter. A massive industry that funds many of our leading politicians, directly and indirectly.

They who are in power who wear the red poppy, who celebrate 'sacrifice', who lie and cheat and bully, are a danger to the grass roots of humanity.

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