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Brian Cox, Celebrities, AGW and the basics of biology

I think we need a whole generation of people who do not know ANY celebrities. But who do understand the world they are dealing with and are energised to resolve and heal what needs to be resolved and healed.


Brian Cox.......?

Do I trust a personality celebrity whose sappy peurile music made his fortune by manipulating vulnerable young minds, and was readily used to usher in the wonders of Tony Blair et al?


Is he a well respected, peer reviewed physicist within the Science community, who has published lots of papers?


However, his area is esoteric, and probably of most use to the Military Industrial Complex, in areas of particle physics and weaponry. I have no idea who funds his research, or to what use it has been or can be put. So many known unknowns.

That said,  for me, and for my purposes, in the context related to the entire Climate Change discourse and all that accretes to that, he is a minor scientist, with a minor Phd. degree, and a slew of arcane papers in a specialist area that has little relevance to the very real problems we face, and is also a professional celebrity.

He is no Einstein, who was both scientist and philosopher and brutally, fearlessly honest. He is no Carl Rogers who altered the course of psychotherapy, for the better, way beyond the vision of either Freud or Jung. He is no Howard Zinn, he is not a Joseph Chilton Pearce. He is no Bill Mollison, nor is he a Masanobu Fukuoka.

And yet he feels he can use his rather large public profile, his celebrity status, to wade in to the 'climate change' discourse and bully those who challenge the mainstream narrative which he fully supports.


We 'respect' certain celebrities because we have fallen for their promo campaigns.

We know nothing of their real positions, attitudes, motivations or behaviour.

Its PR.


Jimmy Savile. Richard Branson. Barak Obama. The Enron boys. Milton Friedman. Ronald Reagan. Kanye West.

"I used to respect ....." (insert any celebrity) always means 'I bought the lie because that was easier than critical thinking...."

And we buy those lies every day.

And again, and again, and again, again, and again, and again, ad nauseam.


To rub salt into the wound, we constantly pay for the privilege of being bamboozled, groomed.

Where does their wealth come from?

It comes from us. We fund celebrity.

We have to admit that, and then forgive ourselves for being manipulated or bullied into submission through a deliberate and mediated faux peer pressure, engineered to make celebrity matter, as part of a psycho-social conditioning/indoctrination system..


So, let's go back to basics. Biology.

Biology does not do celebrity. That's a given.

Brian Cox is adamant about a scientific consensus on Anthrogenic Global Climate Change.

What consensus?

Human activity is altering the entire planets climate systems!


It would be more scientifically accurate to say certain kinds of human activity, (most of which are associated with Industrial Civilisation and are central to the maintenance of abusive Hierarchies of Power that rule vast swathes of Humanity) are causing massive damage to the habitat because those activities are not nurturing the habitat, and are in fact degrading biological systems and introducing a mountain of toxins that biology has yet to find a way to metabolise.

The dominant culture is thus imposing chronic stress on the biolgical  environment.

Chronic stress always leads towards degenerative disease states.

Which includes, as a possibility, climatic changes.....

That much is rather obvious.

That can be said to be a view that has consensus, even if it is not widely articulated.

Those that can see it, and the biological environment, both agree on it.

The CO2 story is just a tiny part of the whole.

Plastic bags and light bulbs are a minute part of the whole.

And certain centers of Power would rather we avoided a critical analysis of the whole.

They have too much to lose, apparently.

The IPCC has offered very little by way of a critical analysis of the behaviour, actions and outcomes of the mainstream social systems manufacturing processes, and the powers that depend upon the vast wealth those systems generate.

Some pertinent facts.

The most obvious appropriate response to climatic and environmental change is Permaculture.

Biology knows how to do this.

Biology knows how to do permaculture.

Biology is the master.

Biology uses 'the force'.

Biology has been doing this for a very, very long time indeed.

We humans have emerged from that work of Biology.

We can work with that if we choose. We can learn.

We also need to see a deep, deep change in the way industry and manufacturing operate - rather than imposed taxes to 'nudge' behaviour, or energy saving light bulbs, or wars for oil and other 'resources'.

That too has been explored.

It even has a catchy name: Cradle to Cradle.

Does Brian Cox speak about the wars, the bullying that defines Governments and Corporations? No!

Do these have an impact on environment and climate? Yes.

Does Brian Cox speak about permaculture? No!

Does Brian Cox speak about Cradle to Cradle?

Nope.... not a word.


And yet......

Biology has been responding to climatic change for billions of years.

It can respond really rapidly.

It KNOWS how to do this. It's worth repeating. I am repeating it.

Because it is so rarely mentioned. Biology KNOWS how to evolve within a dynamically changing environment, and knows how to do that whilst maintaining nurturant cyclical processes that feed more life.

The evidence is all around us, and some of us are eating that evidence, working with it.

Permaculture works with that knowledge base, by working with the plants, the animals, the bugs, the microbes, the CLIMATE, the soil.

However, it cannot be patented, nor can it be industrialised.

Permaculture requires intimate labour to be put into practice, it also requires autonomy, critical thinking, scientific observation and deliberate responsiveness in those who undertake it. It requires people who get to know their patch of land and the plants they are working with. Intimately. Locally. Specifically.

Massive employment opportunities. Huge. Really.

Cradle to Cradle design is a process approach that has the ability to ensure that every manufacturing process returns nutrients to the environment rather than 'waste' or toxins, and then builds fecundity into the habitat.

Does Brian Cox talk about these?

Do the IPCC talk about these?

No and no!


Well, I will leave that to your imagination and intuition to work out.

Let's call it getting back to basics.

And another thing...

Any system, any name. Capitalism, Fascism, Religionism, Socialism, Shamanism, Feminism, Patriarchy, Matriarchy, Democracy, whatever; -isms of any kind.

The basic reality is that every large scale governing system devised over the past few thousand years has turned into psycho-social bullying that is fully institutionalized.

So forget the name, look at the behaviour and outcomes, and call it what it is, IF you are serious about dealing with it....

Putting it another way....

'Climate Change' as a direct result of human activity is not established fact, it is theoretical.

Yes,there is lots of data to suggest the theory, but it is nowhere near conclusive.

We know that the Sun, Moon, tectonics, etc are all massive influences and we do not know how much they contribute to the current situation.

The modelling capabilities of computers are nowhere near the reality of biology, tectnoics, the Suns influence, etc...

Climate change is a constant. It has always changed.

What we DO KNOW is what I have laid out in more detail throughout my blog - the basic behaviour of this culture that is dominant is non-nurturant, it creates toxicity and degradation, and it is based on bullying.

What we need most of all is to deal with the bullying aspect of Power, political, corporate, criminal, ideological or religious - THAT is the core problem, the rest are all symptoms...

Treating the symptoms without addressing the root causes is futile. It maintains the problem.

It is the job of EVERYONE who is an adult to look after the Earth in the best interests of all future generations - compartmentalising aspects as the IPCC and the leading bully systems of power suggest is inept at best, callous disregard for the future at worst.

Putting it another way....

All the damage being done is symptomatic of a culture predicated on hierarchies of violence, coercion, concentration of power and a sense of entitlement amongst the powerful to mediate that degree of abuse to preserve their system, their position.

No matter what symptom we discuss, unless we honestly and fearlessly appraise the core issue - Power and abuse of Power - it will remain.

The psychological climate of the majority of human beings is dominated by the bully system.

That is nowhere near the biological optimal.

Our endocrine systems do not lie.


Let me make it clear.

EVERY adult has an inherent biological responsibility or response ability to care for the habitat so that our children inherit a healthy habitat within which they will live lives of optimal human biological health in all areas, barring volcanoes, tidal waves, storms, asteroids etc...

I do not see THAT anywhere in the CC discourse, as it stands at the moment, or anywhere else within Governance, Politics, Commerce or Religion as we know it.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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