Friday, 1 February 2008

The 1970s : The Sequel in Iraq!

The 1970s In South America is the Model for Iraq, Afghanistan.

There are a number of key senior people who had roles in South America who are now working flat out in Baghdad, advising Gen. Petraeus to bring back past glories such as the Phoenix (torture and terror) Program, which was operational in South Vietnam, James Steel - who was the lead man in developing the Death Squads in Equador, John Negroponte who worked as the direct Overseer of the 301 Death Squads  in Honduras.

The sordid history of how this was orchestrated has been written into Naomi Kliens 'Shock Doctrine' Chapter 1 on Iraq. Here's an excerpt which gives an overview of the policies inflicted upon the Iraqi people.

The pattern of killings, beheadings, tortured and maimed bodies seen in iraq since after the Invasion in 2003 belongs to the American Modus Operandi which actually stretches back to the Wars against the Native Americans in the 1800s.

In the fall and winter of 2003 Iraqis held local and municpal elections, which were multi-lateral - that means comprised of Sunni, Shia, Zoarastrian, Christian, Secular and other communities - and were observed by internatinal observers as being fair and free elections. They had installed councils, police chiefs and other civilian officials in some cities and many towns and villages across Iraq.

"They culdn't organise a two-bit parade!" Bremer said " The simply were not able to make decisions in a timely fashion, or any decisions. Moreover, I felt strongly the importance of getting a constitution in place before we handed sovereignty to anybody"  Paul Bremers own words.....  

The American led CPA annulled those elections, stopped all elections that were underway, fired or removed all the officials, and instead installed their own chosen Iraqi candidates - many of whom were part of Saddams command structure. Bremer claimed the Iraqis were 'not yet ready for democracy'.

The Iraqi people took to the streets, and their protests grew ever larger, populated by all segments of Iraqi communities. The new Iraqi Police then started to round up the co-ordinators and speakers, and started to brutalise them. The protests continued, and gained momentum. It was at this stage that James Steel was drafted in, along with 700 Chilean ex-special forces to 'train' the Iraiq Police in 'counter insurgency' tactics, tactics that had been used all over South America in the 70s and 80s.

As the US sponsored Police tactics became more violent, more bloody, the Iraqis started to defend themselves. This was then labelled a Civil War by the media and by US and UK Politicians. It wasn't a Civil War. The Iraqi thugs were being paid and armed by the invaders. If anything it was a struggle for Iraqi independence. And that reality is that the US sponsored campaign was better armed, better funded, than anything the Iraqis could gather....

In fact the death toll in Iraqi rose between late 2003 and 2006, when the John Hopkins Survey estimated the death toll at 1.3 million Iraqi civilians.

You will note that we have had few beheadings on video released over the past years - because the American cover was blown by the fact that the videos were released via American Servers! For American and European Audiences! As a propaganda and a warning! A modern Tyburn!

Those beheadings were US Covert Operations Propaganda Adverstising designed to dehumanise the Iraqis in the eyes of the US/UK Population and their troops, so that the continued slaughter would not be questioned.

In 2008 the Iraqi Troops are called the by the pet name, the 'Kit Carsons Scouts', recalling the American War against The Native People, wherein Kit Carson, American Hero, PAID the UTE indians to fight the NAVAHO, supplying the UTE with weapons, money, other words getting the locals to fight each other.

"These people know what they're doing. It's the failure or inability of the media and the antiwar movement to grasp military doctrine. I'm not saying they're all Quakers, but none of them went to school to study war. They went to school to study war-no-more. So they don't know what's going on here. And unless you break the monopoly on the discussion by getting these questions to the candidates, you'll never find out."

Tom Hayden, Author, Activist

This is how Empire works, has always worked and is working today.

The only people who can stop this Empire are the people who pay it's taxes. The people who send their sons and daughters out to kill and to die in uniform. Those of us who know and understand are duty bound to expose, explain and convince our less well informed brothers and sisters of the truth.

The alternative is what we are seeing, and not seeing.

Watch this report for a good explanation of this reality.......

my war song....
we are going to war, (pay your taxes!)

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