Thursday, 12 June 2008

Charidee, guilt and gilts!

I read in the Indy on Sunday, pages 6 and seven this last weekend, that a charity do hosted by the Charity ARK, plates at £10k, plus a Charity Auction, which was hosted by Arpad "Arki!" Bussun (who runs a few City Academies in London in his spare time) raised £10 million more than expected (last year they got £25 Million, this year they were expecting £15 Million)....

Arkis comment was that "we are the keepers of the worlds wealth, it's our responsibility to come together and give to our common humanity!" Indeed!

"Keepers of the worlds wealth" says it all. The Indy warbled about how "Arki" was currently dating (fucking) Umma Thurman and had been dating (fucking) Elle McPherson, and that he counted Maddona and Jemima Khan amongst his friends! Wow! How cool! So glad I know that! - the fawning, supplicant Indy writers name is Jeremy Taylor.

We were also informed that Tony "Bomb Iraq" Blair was the geust after dinner speaker. Apparantly the notoriousy religious war criminal made a 'joke' saying that he was "clearly not the only person to have become richer in the past year" - which, given that he now works part-time for JP Morgan who are as we speak setting up the Iraqi Central Bank, and are thus directly responsible for the privatisation of much of Iraqs resource base, is grossly inconsiderate, not to mention disgustingly smug.

Busson also said,warming to his subject that "I am thrilled by the overwhelming generosity of our geusts, particularly given the more difficult financial and economic environment. These donations will transform the lives of tens of thousands of children in India, South Africa, eastern Europe and the UK."

What a twat! What difficulties do people of his ilk experience in comparison to those at the receiving end of the Friedmanian Free Trade Ideology?

Fact - the policies which made him and his buddies so rich are the same policies that impoverished millions of people world wide, and have led to far too many needless painful deaths. Of mostly children. Hows that for transformation!

Fact - those donations are Tax write offs! So tis the taxpayer who pays in the end.

Convince me that these kinds of people are really serious about helping those they have impoverished, bombed and starved. Please......

Or face the truth - Our Leaders, Commercial, Political and Religious and their acolytes are fundamentally serial greed whores, who will do anything for money or power and use the press and charity to make themselves look good. They believe that their great wealth and protected private lands will insulate them from whatever befalls the rest of us, and they are laughing at us.... not because it's funny, but because they have so many people fooled.

In which case, it's up to us to make the changes, from the local to the national.

Excuse my anger (or not) - it's more outrage than envious resentment.

My irish auntie once dated Jack Lynch (Irish Premier before Charlie "cute hoor" Haughey) and from the way she behaved I learned the following - that there are some born to power who are innately superior to everyone else ............. and that I was not one of them! Though my brother was (he isn't, he's a family guy and wise to all of this!) in her eyes suitable dynastic material. So I do know what I am talking about here, from personal experience.

Simon Howell was also in attendance. Britian's got talent, indeed!

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