Tuesday, 17 June 2008

George Bush pays homage to Queen...... what SKY censored!

The real news editor, Pablo Escobar, on George Bush, Gordon Brown and the farewell visit from one war criminal to another. What the media did not SHOW was the nature, extent and passionate committment of those strong hearted people who gathered to give voice to what so many, and certainly the majority of people feel, namely our deep disgust, our intense frustration and our moral outrage at The War Against Terror (TWAT), and in particular the UKs involvement in the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and those activities such as curtailing our civil liberties 'for our own good' that are integral to that ignoble crusade.

Pablo Escobar waste not a single word in this searingly clear news analysis, one studiously avoided by almost the mainstream coverage in the UK. Enjoy!

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