Sunday, 15 June 2008

Duty. Law and Responsibility.

makewarshistory - take action, legally!

I took part in in a peoples active street media peace action in london outside a UK military recruitment shop.... london june 12th 2008 this video to see the action and catch me making my feelings clear and eludicati' on my presence and participation. shoulda been doing this a long time ago.

makewarshistory outlines the legal situation regarding the UK involvement in two wars, aghanistan and iraq, and demonstrates the legal certainty the both wars are illegal, legally speaking : ie if one applied the law as it is written, and intended.

6 international treaties, plus the international criminal court act england and wales 2000 make it clear that these wars being illegal, the consequent murder of iraqi and afghan citizens, of all ages, the destruction of iraqi civil infrastructure, the use of banned munitions, the maltreatment, abuse and torture of prisoners and the blatant profiteering of us corporations combine to make these wars the ultimate crimes - crimes of war, crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity.

Thus is it the legal duty of any taxpayer that is aware of the law, to uphold that law. This means that a taxpayer, aware of the law, must withold his or her tax payments to the central government of the UK, and is legally protected under England and Wales Law, as outlined above, in so doing.

Furthermore, all orders issued to UK troops which lead to or aid the commission of these war crimes, are illegal, under UK Law, as outlined above, and it is therefore a soldiers legal duty, if not his or her legal obligation - with full support from those civilians who demand that the law be upheld - is to refuse to carry out those orders. Notwithstanding Health and Safety implications of said refusal, the import of a well informed public is profound, and an essential act of co-operation to support such action.

The law is clear.

"Conduct ancilliary to the commission of a war crime" is the legal status of anyone whomsoever who is offering material support to those institutions individuals and other agencies to any government involved in the commission of a war crime. Thus the paying taxes to the UK government, or submission to following illegal orders are conduct ancilliary to the commission of war crimes. In fact it becomes a crime to NOT act, once the facts have been made clear, the legal position appraised.

The action in upholding it is also clear.

- the details of the law - an easy read!

If ya don't believe me, please verify all this for yourself.

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