Saturday, 14 June 2008

When NO means YES!

The citizens of Ireland were given the opportunity to voice their feelings regarding the Lisbon Treaty. They voted against the Treaty. They said "No!".

Reading the papers, the headlines suggested that the Irish had thrown the EU into a "crisis".

Listening to the Politicians, the suggestion was that the Irish electorate were ill-informed, spun a series of falsehoods, unable to understand the basics of the treaty and that it was somehow "undemocratic" that 800,000 odd people, with a margin of around 100,000 votes could influence the welfare of 250,000,000 people across Europe.

The underlying truth is that the vote was a vote of no confidence in the corrupt political elites of Ireland, a vote of no confidence in the basically undemocratic set-up of the EU Legislative process, a vote of no confidence in the concept of a unified European military bloc and essentially a resounding vote for Democracy.

The English people had been promised a referendum on the ratification of the Treaty, a promise that was reneged upon - for the reason that the likelyhood of a rejection of the Treaty by the English people was to be avoided at all costs.

12 States have ratified the treaty, non of which offered the option of a referendum to their people. The assumption behind this is that the people are too stupid to know what is good for them.

As The Power Inquiry 2006 showed clearly, the opposite is the case. The vast majority of the people are intelligent, compassionate and all too well aware of their combined interests and we desire the power that is withheld by the current status quo.

At no point did the arguments from the "yes" camp rely upon informed, detailed and well explained reasoning regarding the content of the Treaty (which in itself was rewritten as a technical document referring to thousands of other documents outside the Treaty itself, so as to obfuscate it's meaning) - the main argument proffered was that the people would somehow suffer, that the European project would somehow suffer if the Treaty was rejected.

Much like a parent shouting at a child "That's bad!" and offering no explanation to the child of exactly why other than "Because I say it is."

So well done to those Irish voters who voted NO to Lisbon and YES to democracy and accountability. And shame upon the politicians and media pundits who have suggested that this vote was undemocratic, ill-informed and negative.

Of course no-one is surprised that politicians and pundits behave in this way........ but by all the gods, the people are fed up with the relentlessly shoddy treatment, the corruption and ineptitude, the narcissistic, self serving oligarchical clique, a cult of greed, namely all those we have (s)elected to repressent us, yet who act ever in their own interests once in power ........ bored witless we are with the whole thing..... and at some stage over the next two years a reckoning must come, and those that have so opposed the true interests of the people and their children must be brought to account and the negative effects of their insanity be ceased, their systems of abuse dismantled, to be countered with life affirming, people centered power and decision making. it's happening in South America, it can happen here!

So, let it be known, far and wide, to all those that have committed crimes as part of that opposition, we the people will find you are accountable after all.

Bring on the stocks I say, store up the rotten vegetables. The peasants will prevail, the simple folk, of which I am but one, are many, and it is upon our backs the empire stands. Shrug off the undignified burden, and walk free. Grow your own. The Empire will fall!

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