Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Core Crime upon which all others are founded...

The core crime against life is the indoctrination of children. The cure? Listening to children. Children know and will tell any adult preparde to truely listen, open hearted and open mindedly.

By listening, we adults who as children were not heard, and who have resigned ourselves to this in order to survive, can heal our own childhoods and gain insight to the unique natural individual that we, each of us, are.

And in doing so, only then do we realise why we must not harm another, not because it's a question of 'right' ot 'wrong', more because we sense the pain in our own being of that harm, and would never, ever knowingly inflict that upon any other. And should we unwittingly cause harm, then we would move to cease that as soon as we were made aware of it.

This is the innate childs sensitivity, and we are naturally adapted to live with such a sensitivity, for in that sensing we can interact and relate to the world as it really is as opposed to the world interpreted and constructed by faith, ideology or other paradigm.

This sensitivity is a form of intelligence that those who seek power over others fear the most.

Here is my song, "Expectations of every Child"

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Red Eyes said...

Hi, my first time here. Just an introduction! I would like to stop by again if you feel a counter visit will be worth our individual busy schedules. I find your blog interesting...and please accept my compliments and this invite.

corneilius said...

Hi Redeyes,

I read your blog and found your writing intimate, empathetic and riven with what I sense as honesty.

I accept the invite and look forwards to the conversations we will enjoy.

Kindest regards


do what you love, it's your gift to universe