Monday, 20 October 2008

1968 and all that!

In 1968, there were riots in Universities, on the streets and in many young peoples hearts and minds, and many elders too : a change in the way people percieved their role in this culture of the work ethic, the war ethic, the religion ethic, the 'straight' ethic.

The student bodies that protested and campaigned learned from the civil rights movement. And in both it was the women who did the most organisational work, the most behind the scenes stuff that enabled the 'movement' to flourish and to survive the repeated attacks launched by the state and others.

Seeing this the psychologists working for the system decided to undermine women, indirectly, by crafting 'skinny' role models for young girls - Twiggy, Barbie et al. They understood that if a young women was in any way distracted by feeling inadequate due to her natural shape in comparison with the role model, that her energies would be sapped by that struggle to change her body, and that she would no longer be available or concerned with the organisation of a rebellion. She would be more concerned with 'attracting' a mate to prove her worth and power.

Of course boys were given the 'hero' tough guy, and sold the concept of a skinny girl with big breasts.

Such is the power of this conditioning, that today there is no real 'movement', there are no 'dangerous' University Students and Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Geroge Bush et al sleep soundly.

The so-called 'Stop The War Coalition' have no balls at all - if they had they would have called for a general strike to stop the UK involvement in the attacks upon Afghanistan and Iraq, and to give meaning to a protest against the US attacks and intentions.

There is no movement worthy of the name, none brave enough to risk a little to save the lives of children. Just people mortgaged to the hilt, sucking on the teat of the consumer sacred cow.....

Although if you travel to South America a different picture emerges - the peasants and indigenous peoples are carrying the struggle for freedom foward, day by day. And yes both men and women are intrinsic to that struggle, as are their children. These people really do care for their childrens welfare. They lack the conditioning that you and I have been subject to. We lack the clarity that they have.

It is time to awaken. Throw away the toxic make-up, lose any sense of image other than loving oneself the way one finds oneself, grow up and get real!

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