Thursday, 23 October 2008

Conspiracies and Fear

As regards 'conspiracies'.....

One of the things to take into consideration is that those who make profits, off of the backs of others who are directly harmed by the activity that generates the profits, are fundamentally psychologicaly unwell. Damaged goods.

Psychological Dysfunctionality tends towards unconscious and conscious defensive protective behaviour and justification of both- I know from personal experience and much study of the subject, as I was terribly insecure as a younger man, and spent a lot of time justifying my negatiove behaviours to anyone who would listen - and when you get a bunch of such people together their actions will appear to harmonise, without much need for secrecy orconspiracy.

If one looks at our culture of rulers, who are essentially the owners and hoarders of vast wealth, one can understand how they would create a dysfunctional system, that to others who are healthy, would appear like a conspiracy.

The strange thing is that these dysfunctional people actually use glorified and mystified names and structures to create the illusion of a conspiracy, fostering paranoia (which is debilitating for anyone truely interested in change for the better) and a deep sense of fear in those that might oppose them - as in the Illuminati et al., (i call them the gloominati) : the name being of latin origin, sounds BIG, has a certain cachet and then add in a mix of freemasonary and satanic (mumbo jumbo) rites and you have a pot boiler that sends many people into paroxysms of Fear.

The truth is more banal - greedy dysfunctional people are in control, and have designed the system often unconsciously as part of their defensive dysfunctional psychology, to filter out healthy people before they get any real power, or access (recall that article on the media filteration process), and multiply this phenomenom across all schools, companies, institutions, etc etc - you'll get the picture).

It will take an emerging healty functional humanity to take back the control at the grass roots level. And that emerging healthy humanity is on the move, outside the reach of the dysfunctionals. It is a question of time.

The dysfunctionals make sure that news of the healthy is kept under wraps - the media is awash with deadly pop psychology and ignores and suppresses anything grounded that opens things up a bit. But that does not mean they/we are not here. We are.

The voting electorate is shrinking year on year, and they keep the electoral hype up in order to give the impression that it is not. More make up!

There is a sort of a race between the emergent health and the dysfunctional control, a race the dysfunctional control can never really win. They simply have not got what it takes.

The dysfunctional control must ALWAYS exert huge amounts of energy supressing the healthy, for as soon as the pressure is off the healthy flourish. Weeds through concrete. They are running out of steam.

All we have to do is to keep on growing, learning, working out ways to avoid contributing to the system in a relaxed yet agile and effective manner. The system of control will fail. That is inevitable. Entropy.'

Hence my wanton optimism.

I survived a hellish childhood, throughout which many adults attempted to break me, at home and at school. I emerged a warped human being, and luckily by age 28 I somehow managed to realise my childhood was not normal or healthy, that there was something dysfunctional about me. At 28 I though I'd have it all sorted by 30! lol!

The work of healing has been really tough at times, nonetheless, the healing was inevitable for I met enlightened witnesses and they helped me access the powerful inner self healing mechanisms that I used to recover. Those self healing mechanisms are innate to all life. They cannot be destroyed, only diverted.

Our main task then task is to expose the diversions, and hold out a hand to those willing to do the work on themselves. And that will look like a conspiracy to the dysfunctionals!

We also have to do our level best to protect those who are in harms way, as best we can. Not so easy, yet unavoidable.

"when the going gets weird, the weird turn professional" Hunter S Thompson

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