Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Angela Eagle, The War Criminals in Power, Iraq and Trident

Corbyn, McDonnell, Skinner and Galloway are, as far as I know the only living British politicians who have publicly stated that Iraq is a war crime, and that War Crimes Investigations and trials must flow. There may be more (Tony Benn has passed on...) Do let me know if there are any others.

The Blairite, Media and BBC attacks on Corbyn are the defence department of the British Power Establishment. They are defending that establishments operatives who worked on making the Iraq war happen.

Even IF people genuinely believe Jeremy Corbyn is not an 'effective leader' nor 'electable' and must be removed for Labour to gain ground in the next election, whenever that happens, ( an opinion not supported by the facts and the actuality of Corbyn's long political career) their support for his removal plays into the hands of the British Power Establishment.

Refusal to see that and integrate it into their desire to have a 'good' leader they can follow (which Corbyn rejects, he says the leadership must come from the grass roots) and a refusal to then mitigate their actions to dislodge him until they have a candidate who WILL pursue War Crimes Investigations and Trials with all due diligence is myopia, it is short sighted, it is folly, and worst of all it plays the hand of the War criminals.

It is not their intention to do so. I get that.

That does not alter the fact that the Power Establishment will benefit by reducing the threat of War Crimes Investigations and Trials of their operatives from that sectarian fight over the leadership, that needless distraction and they will use that to the hilt. No-one will be able to thwart that once the act is done.There are no credible MPs in the Labour Party who can stand and say they have the grounds and ability, the steel and grit to pursue the War Crimes issue.

In effect the leadership coup will protect the power establishment from a threat they really are vulnerable to. Our only leverage against them for all the harm they have and are causing. 

The reality, the legal reality, as well as the moral reality,  is that War Crimes were committed, and are being committed, by the British Government, the British State.

Supported by those Media who refused then and continue to refuse to tell the unadorned truth in this matter, and as such all actions of that Government, irrespective of who is in office have no legitimacy, until the matter of War Crimes is resolved by Justice. 

Every statute written since March 2003 is invalid.

An actively criminal Government cannot be legitimate under Law.

Yesterday, Angela Eagle cried tears in an interview explaining why she resigned and then refused to say if she'd mount a leadership challenge. "Now is not the time for this."

Now today she mounts that challenge.

She KNEW then what she knows now. Those tears were manipulation at it's most dramatic. Or darker.

Her voting record on matters of War speaks for itself.  She is culpable.

She DID vote for War against Iraq, she 
voted against saying that the case for war against Iraq has not yet been established, she voted against an investigation into the Iraq War, and much more besides.

Her integrity is questionable, and her due diligence in such important matters is lacking. The Law was (and remains) quite clear on the matter and she had a duty of care know that Law and to uphold it.

Nuremburg made it quite clear that not knowing the Law is no defence in War Crimes trials. It is also a general principle of tort Law.

Ignorance of the Law is not a defence. Ignoring the Law is a crime in and of itself.

Politics is a dirty, dirty game and if we do not grasp the levels of manipulation, deceit and grooming involved, and we underestimate the capabilities of the power establishment in terms of their abilities to dig into our psychology and manipulate us, and have not the ability to identify, question and then counter those moves, we are way out of our depth.

Governance is another matter.

In governance, we are talking about the administration of the shared contributory resource we call taxation, which ought to be administered for the equal benefit of all who contribute, their families, their children and their communities.

That demands that policy is a) evidence based b) designed in part by the people whose lives it touches c) free of ideology, religion or mere opinion d) transparent and e) subject to responsive change as new information emerges.

I support any politician who can prove that they understand and adhere to these principles. I cannot trust those who do not. Neither can you.

Let me remind folk that 80 million people in the Middle East have had their entire civil society destroyed as a direct result of these Wars, and that must weigh heavily on all of us as tax payers. 80 million men, women, children, families. communities : look around at your loved ones and try to imagine what that must be life.

The human reality is why I write. I have no ideology. Just empathy.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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