Sunday, 26 June 2016

War Crimes, Brexit and Self Determination of a people, as opposed a State Power Establishment.

 There's something being avoided by the mainstream public domain discourse.

Something absolutely fundamental to the legitimacy of Governance in England and across the UK. Was the Iraq War, and the wars against Libya and Syria, legal or not?  We know they were unjust. We know that media and Government lied and spun to sell the concept. Chilcott is due out in July. What will it bring up?

The British Power Establishment can ignore 1 million violent deaths of Iraqi's, Libyans, Syrians... they can ignore 11 million Syrian Refugees. Yes, they can even ignore 3 million signatures on an e-petition.

They cannot ignore the threat of War Crimes trials, which is what this EUref is really all about. Neurtralising a threat. They'd go as far as triggering a civil war in Northern Ireland, whose 'peace' is in part secured by the EU and EU Human Rights Law.

EU Law helped install the legislation required to arrest and try War Criminals into English Law, under the 2001 International Criminal Court Act.

Leaving the EU is first step to repealing that Legislation.

The Power Establishment know they are vulnerable, that the upholding of the Law will undermine their 'freedoms'.

WE cannot ignore that any longer. They MUST remove all legal instruments that leave them vulnerable, as they are, to charges of War Crimes.


The claims of 'self-determination' of the Brexit campaign are empty unless the War Criminals are dealt with before the Law, unless they ALL UPHOLD THE LAW, and see that it is applied in this case without remorse.

Too many people have been murdered and maimed, funded by UK Tax Payers contributions, for this to be avoided.

The UK Government has no legitimacy until this is dealt with, and Justice is served.


Imagine what it must be like to have been a 16 year old in 2003 watching the adults in your own community allow the British Government to wage an illegal, amoral, horrific war, and then follow that up with three more against Libya, Syria and Yemen, wars the majority of 16 year olds objected to stongly, but their voices were silenced.

And now the EUref, and those same voices are sidelined again, at age 29, whilst the current 16 year olds were denied participation in a decision they will have to live with longer than anyone else apart from their little brothers and sister, a decision made under false pretences....?




Upholding the Law?

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