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THE BIG QUESTION! IN or OUT? Sanders, The Illuminati, Obama, Clinton, Farage, Cameron and The Button

Sanders, The Illuminati, Obama, Clinton, Farage, Cameron, The Button and THE BIG QUESTION!

The Illuminati narrative is un-necessary for anyone who studies history, even as it is made.

There is a question that everyone ought to ask. It’s a two part question that goes to the heart of what we are facing today. The Illuminati Industry does not ask this question, in fact they avoid it like the plague.

Look and learn, as they say.

Ask Questions.

Seek evidence you can check. Ask more questions.

Never, ever accept someone’s opinion of the evidence, the actual evidence. Accept only the evidence.

“What’s your opinion on the political actions of Henry Kissinger?”

Someone offers me an opinion. I reply.

“Great, now where can I find the evidence of the outcomes of his political action. After all I am not going to base my assessment of his political actions on your opinion.”

We KNOW how bully systems operate.

We know the Statist system of Power has it's deepest roots in the dominant and dominating power establishment, local and global.

We KNOW that any population seeking a genuine participation in the exercise of Power so that justice is real and Governance is fair will be bribed, marginalised , undermined and then attacked.

We know those operations on the part of the Power Establishment will be sohopisticated, well resourced, will involve long and short term planning. It’s old news, old hat – anyone studying the classics in the 1600s, and their own history since William The Bastard arrived, would have drawn them to the same conclusion- indeed that awakening was a small part of the English Civil War. The bit that gets ignored.

The Illuminati narrative has so much 'fear' associated with it, so much shock and fascination, it is a distraction. It is a deliberate distraction. It IS exciting. In a I used to watch TV and that was exciting kinda way. Which is that it’s not. Exciting. It triggers.

It’s a trigger point for vulnerable, wounded, traumatised, bullied people who are just coping with it all, to various degrees, a deliberate trigger point.

These fuckers are cruel and sophisticated. We have to match and exceed that with love and willfulness. The willfulness is critical.

And it has to be evidence based.

Obama is part of the Bully Class, as is Clinton.

I hope all the Sanders voters vote for Sanders as an independent. I hope he and the Greens form an alliance. The Greens are a potent International lobby. He should connect the struggle in the US with all our struggles internationally.

When it comes to Obama, or Clinton we KNOW they are both NeoCons/neoliberals , dressed as Democrats, and they are willing to kill people to get their way. Lots of people. Entire populations.

It’s a pattern.

Hiroshima. Vietnam.

Indeed, the American Power Establishments basis for the 'treaties' with the local peoples (who lived there LONG before those Europeans became 'Americans') during the 1840s onwards was "You will kill some of us - we will kill ALL of you," and it was not said in rage, it was a cold, calculated policy. They had plans. Cold plans. Thought out. Well resourced. Long and short term. They still do.

It was wrong then, it is wrong now. It was a criminal act then, and it is criminal action now. We see it every day. Every time they open their mouths and spout obvious spin and lies we see it. We see it in the outcomes, in the faces and stories of the 100 million refugees from War currently 'displaced'.

Anyone who thinks anything has changed at the level of Power Establishments in that regard is naive. At least we are in the position of KNOWING IT. That is the start of our empowerment.


Thomas Jefferson...  ‘a founding father’ had this to say.

In 1807, Thomas Jefferson instructed his War Department that, should any Indians resist against America stealing Indian lands, the Indian resistance must be met with "the hatchet". Jefferson continued, "And...if ever we are constrained to lift the hatchet against any tribe, " he wrote, "we will never lay it down till that tribe is exterminated, or is driven beyond the Mississippi." Jefferson, the slave owner, continued, "in war, they will kill some of us; we shall destroy all of them". (Ibid)

3rd paragraph in.

Look and learn.

See the horror of what that policy meant to the human beings, the mothers, fathers, children, grand parents who were subject to that policy.

Obama, number 44.  He fits in, like a hand in a glove.

And the story of how the racism was crafted as a political device?

A total psy-ops operation! Sophisticated, manipulative, triggering. Carried out over time.

They crafted it as a way to unite indentured workers, menial labourers and slaves against the Native Peoples by the early colonists Power Establishment when at one stage they were outnumbered by the indentured workers, menial labourers and slaves and felt they were at risk if they united.....

So they published Racist pamphlets, pamphlets suggesting non-christians were inferior, that native peoples were savage, and lazy; lurid tabloid stories of atrocities; then they gave land parcels, small ones, a hectare or two, just on the edges of their colonies to the indentured workers, and labourers all of whom had been reading this material and hearing it from the pulpit - and hey allowed them to own a few slaves, not the kinds of numbers they had in their plantations, and some of those slaves, much closer to their ‘owners’ fought with the new land owners against native peoples.

The owners created a ‘belief’ through propaganda that the slaves were to be seen as inferior and the Native peoples to be feared as feral.  It was a hierarchy. The slaves were useful, the Natives were to be discarded. The labourers and indentured workers need to be integrated into the  plans of the Power Establishment.

And it worked a treat.

That's a cracker!

Howard Zinn details it quite clearly in his tome, "Voices of The Peoples History of the United States". - the full text is now online open-source.

If that, all of the above was taught in our State School systems, if History was honest, racism would vanish in a generation.

Only the truth sets us free.

Only the truth.

Which brings me to the question……


The one I mentioned at the beginning of this polemic.

In what kinds Society or culture do we see rape and abuse of power, and associated violence, and social control and religiosity as a common experience?

In what kinds of Society or culture do we see more empathy and egalitarianism, justice and fairness, more autonomy?

This link is a chart outlining the facts. Check it.
Everyone ought to KNOW this.

We live in a bully social power system, everything is polluted by the bullying.

And a key in all of that is the disruption of the child-mother bonding process that takes 4 years to complete and a life time to refine, and is 100% BIOLOGICALLY MANDATED as part of the picture of Optimal Human Biological Health for the entire species, as much as for each individual.

You SHOULD KNOW what this data means.. your neighbours, the bus driver, your local bar staff, they all should know this. All the folks working for the local council, they should be told.

It means we are human beings born into a social power situation that is far from the biological mandate, and in a really, really baaad diseased pathological and utterly cruel way. Because so much of it is intentional, volitional,  the result of clearly conscious choices to rationalise the use of extreme violence. Repeatedly.

What it means for me is this :

I am SO GLAD I am not like that system, and that I have been able to heal enough of my wounds to know this.

I don't fit in. I never will. I never did. I TRIED. Dear God that does not exist, how I tried.

Now, I wouldn't want to.

Yuk! It’s appalling, it’s inhumane, it’s utterly abusive, it’s a pathology.

I cannot vote for 'choices' ring fenced by that fact.They WOULD press that button. They do drop bombs on totally innocent people.

I can't. It's way to ugly.

It's SO disempowering as it stands, wherever we live, to vote and then see them do whatever they want in ways that you cannot inform, check, balance, or mediate in any meaningful way, and as the majority of 'candidates' are probably the last people who ought to be given any power, (barring a psyche check) it's naive of voters to criticise me and say I must accept what they have voted for.

At the same time, I understand why people break and become conditioned to 'fit in'; they are being bullied on so many levels, it's not entirely their fault or responsibility and I say this - they are part of what perpetuates the bully system, I say this not to blame them, not to chastise them, just to suggest that our job is to help them FEEL the truth of that.

Feel it, and fit in; if that is the choice, then that is the choice. There's always the possibility of other choices. It's in the open.. let it all hang out!

And if those that do fit in call me failure, a drop out, a misfit, then yes all of that is true. I am proud of it. I fail to fit it. I chose to drop out. It's my human right to be a misfit. It's a health issue.

To me everyone arguing in/out in Britain repeating the arguments published in the media, and across the inter-webbery, picking a side, shouting, ranting and typing, copying and pasting, liking and hating, is fitting in. Especially the ones who think they are anti-establishment. Lolz.


Let's put it all in perspective :  Arrest Tony Blair and the entire command chain associated with Foreign Military 'operations' in the Middle East is NOT fitting in.That IS what NEEDS to happen. No question.

That would be both Just and fitting.

There's a lot of us who do not fit in.We feel justice in our bones, and we cannot see it being met.

We need everyone to FEEL this, and then, in time, when we have the numbers, to act on it. We cannot force this. We can only make it clear.

We have to talk to those caught up in it. Satirise and hack the Power systems.

We must organise, learn, educate, connect and be very patient - professionally patient with people who were like I was 30 years ago, 20 years ago - conditioned. I never forget that. I watched Dallas, ffs!

When bullies no longer fit in and cannot find a place within emerging  Structures of Governance and Jurisprudence, Commerce, Health and Entertainment, Faith, and our own streets and homes, then we will have made some headway.

Hilary Clinton, a Feminist Icon?

The 'progress' of equality? 

Anyone who can maintain that concept and vote for it is in deep, deep, deeeeeeep, deeep delusion.

And no, I have not mentioned Nigel Farage. Is he worth mentioning?

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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