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Brexit : Triggering as a tactic of film makers, bullies and political power establishments.

Brexit : Triggering as a tactic of film makers, bullies and political power establishments.

In simple terms what I am exploring here is a media campaign that is a bit like a shit stirrer in an office whispering into different peoples ears that 'that person thinks you're a shit' in order to start an argument and fight, for either pleasure or profit. It’s all about power.

The Power Establishment are experts at that and we have to become expert at spotting it and deconstructing it and not getting caught up in it. That also means we need to get to know ourselves a little better.

1. Understand that the intent behind the xenophobic materials published by UKIP management and the Murdoch press et al was twofold : a) to give the impression that there are a lot more racists around than there actually are, and that they have a greater power than they really do.

b)It was also designed to mask the expected protest vote which had nothing to do with these traits, (it was a rejection of ALL Governments of the past 40 years by working class low income folk whose voice Westminster and the intelligentia sneers at - poverty porn was no accident and not documentary ) and make that protest look like a majority of leavers were racists and xenophobes - and of course, we fell for this, and now the grass roots are calling each other names based on a media set-up and it is getting personal, which raise the intensity

2. Listen to people's concerns, try to understand what difficulties they are faced with, how they feel for their children's futures. Connect to that, ignore the set-up, acknowledge the abuse of Government and the lack of their voice in political mainstream discourse. If they feel heard, then they too can listen. The you can deconstruct the opinion from the evidence. As a sharing.

3. Media can report 20 incidents and make it look like a massive surge. That is part of the tactical approach of media serving power. The violence of a few nasty street thugs, who are a tiny minority in this country can be made to look much greater than it is. The media are doing this, on all 'sides' to inflame the situation. This divides us further.

How Bullying works….

“Bullying is a form of scapegoating and projection. We know that scapegoating is a hostile socio-psychological discrediting operation in which people move blame and responsibility away from themselves and towards a target person or group.

It is also a practice were angry feelings and inappropriate accusation are placed on others. Quite understandably, the target feels persecuted and receives misplaced vilification, blame and criticism; and the victim is likely to suffer rejection from those who the perpetrator seeks to influence and again, an increasing feeling of isolation.
We live in a society where bullying has become increasingly acceptable, and certainly, as form of doing politics.”

I suggest you follow the link and read this very accurate and informative blog on How Bullying Works.

Bearing in mind that in British Schools, 45% of children report being bullied and no Government program has been successful at reducing that number. Which does not surprise me as coercive education is institutional bullying.

Please examine your reactions and emotions, and try to see where you have been triggered, and please stop calling all ‘leavers’ xenophobes and all ’remainers’ selfish middle class landlord traitors!

We can see patterns across society, yet it is really inaccurate to apply those patterns to every individual, and you have to talk to individuals, in some depth, to see where they are coming from. Do not let the media project nasty shit onto millions of people you do not know.

Manipulation by emotional theatre.

The recent videos of Ian Duncan Smith and Anna Eagle crying are theatre.

These are supposedly mature adults, both of whom have supported policies of extreme cruelty (ATOS and Iraq) based on false assumptions and wildly off beam justifications, with horrific outcomes for real people, which they both ignore and dismiss as irrelevant, and who are entrusted with the duty of care inherent in administering the utilisation of our shared contributions, the taxes we all pay into the Excehquer.

Outcomes indicate intention, especially if the pattern of action and outcome is repeated.

The poverty in Britain is a direct result of Government Policies, whoever has been in Government, whoever has been in opposition.

They want poverty to happen. They want war to happen. Only it doesn’t ‘happen’.

The presence and persistence of poverty is induced.

Man made. Power made. Power mad.

They used my taxes to cause all this harm.

They used your taxes to cause all this harm.

They used our taxes to cause all this harm, and more.

So much more.

Millions of British children living in relative poverty.

Millions of parents living in poverty.

Food banks, investment banks. Both growing.

Buy-to-let promoted by Government, driving rents up, driving low income families and individuals, entire communities out.

There's something deeply, profoundly wrong with that.

And those tears. Really?

They just don’t care. They

The Brexit vote was an expression of that knowledge. They just don’t care.

They will try to manipulate us any way they can think of.

They do not care about the low income folk, in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Africa, South East Asia, America.

Working class people, all of us. We will never be landlords. We don’t want to be landlords.

They are institutionalised bullies.

"Having narrowly won the general election, the Tories are now trying to rig the system to keep themselves in power, and weaken opposition both inside and outside parliament.

Late last year they drove through a new voter registration scheme that will slash the number of young and inner-city voters. And later this Parliament they will cut the number of parliamentary seats. The Conservatives are gerrymandering the electoral system to benefit themselves.

By directly attacking Labour’s funding through their trade union bill and by cutting public Short money support for opposition parties’ research, they are deliberately setting out to constrain democratic accountability.

Add to that their “gagging law”, which prevents charities, unions and thinktanks from taking part in political debate near election time.

Their threats to use the BBC’s charter renewal to hack away at its independence;
Their packing of the House of Lords with Tory peers; their moves to restrict the powers of local councils, it all adds up to a serious attack on democratic rights and freedoms.

Theirs is the party funded by hedge funds backed by a press owned by multi-millionaire or even billionaire tax avoiders

Their concept of fairness is of a very different order to ours. Fairness for only a few is not fairness, but privilege."

So says Jeremy Corbyn, so says the evidence. They do not care.

All this for power, as an end in and of itself.

The Power Establishment.

They are all deeply, profoundly opposed to any threat to their dominance of the British people and economy. It’s personal for them.
Corbyn is not. Quite the opposite.

Their concerns are with Power over the people; not with the people.

Corbyn and those who genuinely support him are not willing to accept that Government is power over the people. We pay their wages.

The moves against Jeremy Corbyn and the movement which he is re-presenting are all about Power, and those who oppose him seek power as an end in and of itself, through which they project their one prejudices. We pay the price.

Gaslighting is another tactic of the bully system. It is designed to undermine the targets sense of self, and leave the target open to suggestion or to alter the targets perception to suit the bully. It can be difficult to identify.

They are very good at gaslighting.

Just so you know.


It is the ideology and the lack of natural empathy towards those they rule over, thopse they feel threatened by. That latter  dynamic created the ideology.

We need to diagnose correctly the situation.

Our situation.


Kindest regards


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