Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Corbyn is not the problem: the threat of prison sentences for War Criminals is the problem.

Look. See the evidence.

The NeoLiberals within Labour, within Conservative, across Society in the UK and elsewhere have a problem.

They went to war, and it was illegal.

They knowingly lied about the 'reasons'.

Iraq was a War Crime, and everything, everything related to it that flows from that decision, from Iraq to Libya and Syria, is part of that crime spree.

Check their voting records, the speeches they made, the justifications they repeated without due diligence.

The broke a number of laws... repeatedly.

They believed they would get away with it because Saddam was such a bastard, nobody, nobody liked him, even those who worked for him - they feared him and for many it was safer to work for the Devil than to challenge him. Blair thought he would get away with it. Bush thought he would get away with it.

Corbyn has made it clear that for him, according to the evidence, Iraq was a War Crime, and he has made that clear publicly. He cannot back away from that statement, nor can he avoid it's clear implications. I think he knows that, and that he has the mettle to push this all the way that it needs to go. I think that many, many people support this.

The Labour and Tory and LIberal Dem MPs who voted for the War can smell the iron bars, they can smell the loss of liberty and their great wealth and priviledge.

Cameron can smell the bars awaiting him for bombing Libya and arming violent militia and escalating violence across North Africa and the Middle East.

The BBC, Guardian, Sun, Sky News, etc are all participants in maintaining the propaganda, and they can smell the iron bars of those cells that await them. They cannot say they did not know, as all their errors were pointed out at the the time, in detail, repeatedly.

The Military top brass likewise.

So they are fighting for their lives, their liberty, their social position.

They will do ANYTHING to avoid those trials.... they cannot admit the crime.

And they are all part of the British Establishment that is shitting all over poor and low income folk, beyond the limited imagination of 'successful middle class' folk....

They are also the same people who DID not resist 'austerity', they are the same people who forced the tax payer to bail out the banks on a fraudulent prospectus, they are the same people who allowed WorkFare, Benefit Sanctions, who allowed the DWP to sanction disabled folk, unemployed folk, who encouraged the Buy-To-Let Mortgage market to create more indebted 'landlords' who then raised the rents to meet their 'costs', screwing the renter whilst taking the profits from the house price rise,  all of this to enrich the finance industry, to increase land prices..

Those policies are part of their over all world view. And yes, there are those in Europe who share those views.And yes there are issues with the way the EU treated the Greeks, the Irish, the Spanish and how that affected the poorest sectors of society. That's a lot of hardship meted out to people who did nothing wrong at all, who are vulnerable because they are poor or disabled, or slightly mad or badly educated....

And look at the 'killing' they are making out of all of this abuse. Look at the distribution of wealth and resources. They are raking it in. Does Tony Blair need or deserve a fortune edging onto £100 million?

The War Crimes trials are the ONLY real leverage those who seek justice and fair governance within the UK have against that Power Establishment.... imagine Murdoch being charged with War Crimes? Or the individual writers who wrote clear lies in order to sell the war? Imagine the executives that profiteered from War being indicted, tried in public? Imagine the UN putting Ian Duncan Smith on trial for Human Rights Breaches at the DWP sanction regime?

They all KNEW what was going on. They all KNEW what they were doing.

They went to war and they shafted the poor/low income of this country at the same time. These are not separate matters.

So that is why there is so much energy directed at the Corbynistas, so much energy devoted to making out that the working class leave vote is racist and xenophobic, so much energy devoted to shredding social support.

This is the fight we ought to have put up back in 2003.

We ought to have gone on general all out strike, to bring the Blair War cabal down.

We failed then, we cannot fail now, or we will be remembered as 'good germans' are now remembered.

This is a matter of Justice above all else.

Do you uphold the Law, or is lawlessness rewarded?

This is the choice before us.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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